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Payment Options


Southeast has transformed its online payment experience, partnering with a leading higher education payment provider, Cashnet®. Effective December 4, 2019 the "Pay/View my Bill" link in the student portal has changed to "SEMO-Pay" and leads to an enhanced user experience.

The SEMO-Pay platform provides the ability to:

  • Experience a re-designed look, with simplified navigation
  • Create an e-wallet with saved payment methods
  • Establish reoccurring auto-debit payments
  • View PDF bills, a full account history, and payment receipts
  • Access 1098-T tax statements through the portal
  • Receive text message reminders about bills
  • Quickly and easily grant account access to authorized payers

For SEMO-Pay navigation help, visit our Forms page.

Billing & Payments

Through SEMO-Pay, students are able to access electronic billing statements, view their full account history, make payments, setup payment plans, and grant authorized payer access to another person. SEMO-Pay serves as the primary source for billing and payment details. 

Bills are due on the first business day of the month. Monthly statements become available approximately three weeks before the due date, and students are notified by email when available. Specific due dates can be found on the Student Financial Calendar.

In general, the first bill for each semester is due in:

  • Fall Semester - August
  • Spring Semester - January
  • Summer Semester - June

New Southeast students will receive one mailed billing statement, as a courtesy, to help during their transition to college. Students are notified of future bills via their Southeast email and may access statements through SEMO-Pay at any time. Additionally, students have the option to enroll in text messages from SEMO-Pay, for reminders related to billing.

Students are required to pay their account balances by published deadlines, either paying the balance in full, utilizing the Installment Payment Plan (IPP), or covering the balance with approved/pending financial aid. 

Where to Pay:

Online through SEMO-Pay 
  • Checking or Savings Account (ACH)
  • Credit/Debit Card (American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Discover)
    • Service fee of 2.75% applies (domestic cards)
In-Person (Cashiers Office)
  • Check
  • Money Order
  • Cash
  • Check
  • Money Order

Mail payment to:
Southeast Missouri State University
One University Plaza, MS 3275
Cape Girardeau MO 63701


Southeast offers an Installment Payment Plan (IPP) for students who wish to pay their semester charges on a monthly basis.

Calculating the IPP

The IPP will calculate all current semester charges, after financial aid is applied. The remaining balance will be divided into monthly installments. For the fall/spring semesters, a maximum of 5 installments is available, depending on when enrollment occurs. For the summer semester, a maximum of 2 installments is available. Enrollment after the first billing cycle of the semester will result in fewer available months for the installment plan. 

The first payment of the plan will include a non-refundable enrollment fee. All prior semester charges must be paid before enrollment is allowed. Installment amounts are subject to change if any adjustments are made to financial aid, or if additional charges are incurred. 

Enrolling in the IPP

Enrollment in the IPP takes place when the first payment of the semester is made. Enrollment cannot be processed without sufficient payment for the first installment.

Enrollment is available using any of the payment option, but is most convenient online, through SEMO-Pay. Specific payment plan amounts and due dates are provided during the online enrollment process. Additionally, all payment due dates can be found on the Student Financial Calendar

Please note, if payment is mailed and you wish to enroll in an Installment Payment Plan, this must be clearly labeled and the full installment amount must be included.

For more information, review the: IPP Terms and Conditions

SEMO-Pay provides the option for students to grant Authorized Payer access to others. Authorized Payers are able to pay on the student's behalf, and if given permission, these payers can view billing statements and access 1098-T tax statements. Authorized Payers must be created in SEMO-Pay and can be removed by a student at any time. 

Once created, Authorized Payers can benefit from many features of SEMO-Pay. Payers are able to save payment methods (only accessible to them), setup re-occurring payments, receive email alerts of bill availability or changes, and enroll in text reminders related to billing.

Authorized Payer Login

Students who need to pay from an international account have two convenient options available! 

International Credit Cards

International credit cards may be used online, through SEMO-Pay. If paying with an international credit card, a 4.25% service fee will apply.

Flywire - International Wire Transfers

Southeast Missouri State University has partnered with Flywire to offer simple wire transfers. This is the only method of wire transfer accepted by Southeast. 

Students are able to pay with Flywire directly within SEMO-Pay! When choosing a payment method in SEMO-Pay, select Flywire and continue through the steps provided. Depending on the country you wish to transfer money from, the available options and steps may vary. 

NOTE: You must check your student account balance before wiring funds. DO NOT send more than the account balance; overpayments may cause your payment to be returned. 

Benefits & How to Pay Using Flywire
Tips to Avoid Payment Scams
Flywire's Best Price Guarantee 


For customer support, contact Flywire by chat, Skype, email and phone.

Students who miss their payment are charged a $40.00 late fee and will receive a financial hold, preventing class registration and obtaining a transcript/diploma. Additionally, past due accounts may be subject to financial cancellation of current and/or future courses. Cancellation of current courses will result in no academic credit for the semester, housing eviction and loss of dining privileges (if applicable), and all balances shall remain payable to Southeast.

Students cancelled for non-payment may be eligible to be reinstated in their courses. This requires that the student contacts Student Financial Services and resolves their past due account by the reinstatement deadline.


Phone: 573.651.2253
Fax: 573.651.5006

Hours: 8am-5pm M-F,
(9am-5pm Wed)

Cashiers Office Hours: 1pm-4pm M,W,F

Student Financial Services
Academic Hall Room 019
One University Plaza, MS 3740
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701
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