Tactical Response for Patrol Officers

In view of recent events involving violence in schools and work areas, it has become increasingly necessary for patrol officers to have some skills in making entry into buildings.

Often there is no time to wait for a special response team to arrive and get set up.  The first officers on the scene are expected to take charge of the situation, evaluate the circumstances and make entry.

For this reason, all patrol officers should receive the same training, so that when these incidents occur, each officer will have the same training to draw from, and will be able to perform the tasks of a tactical team member. This course is designed to give patrol officers that basic knowledge and some practical training in executing team entries.

Topics to be addressed include:

  • Lessons learned from prior incidents 
  • Tactical Team composition and member responsibilities
  • Intelligence gathering and Analysis 
  • Site Survey 
  • Hostage Negotiations
  • Entry Tactics 
  • Daytime entry practice 
  • Nighttime entry practice
  • Team Movements
  • Handgun and Shotgun practice 
  • Long Gun Retention and Disarming 
  • Live Fire Entry Practice
  • Less Than Lethal Munitions

The Tactical Response for the Patrol Officer Course is not scheduled at this time. Cost for course is $250, with 40 hours of CEU Credit awarded upon completion. Participants will need 500 rounds of handgun ammunition, 10 rounds of shotgun slug and 30 rounds of buckshot ammunition. If you have questions or are interested in attending this or any other Academy training, please call the Academy at (573) 290-5110 for details.


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