Firearms Instructor 2 - Shotgun

This course is 24 hours and costs $200.  The student will need a service handgun and related equipment, a police shotgun, 200 rounds of handgun ammunition, 10 rounds of 12 Ga. slug, and 20 rounds of buckshot.

Course Summary:
This course demonstrates to the Student Instructor the importance of teaching the operation, ammunition management and deployment of the police shotgun.  Also, this course reinforces previous handgun training, and combines the use of handgun and shotgun in tactical exercises. This course also addresses instinct shooting, tactical reloading, addressing multiple targets with different weapons, moving and shooting while maintaining cover, target acquisition, identification and discrimination, and night shooting with and without illumination.

Continuing Education Units awarded for the successful completion of this course include:
Interpersonal:  0
Legal Studies:  0
Technical Studies:  0
Skill Development:  22
Firearms: 2

"Students attending Continuing Education programs sponsored by the Southeast Missouri State University Law Enforcement Academy must attend all of the regular blocks of instruction in order to receive a certificate of completion.  In Continuing Education Programs, which consist of discreet blocks of instruction, the student may receive continuing education credits for those blocks which are actually completed."
- Carl Kinnison, Director

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