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Crime Notice

The Southeast Department of Public Safety has issued the following crime notice, advising of incidents concerning the University community:

The Department of Public Safety is investigating a report of two sexual assaults of a student that occurred on or around September 2015 and February 2016. Both occurrences were isolated incidents with one occurring on campus and the other adjacent to the campus.  The alleged perpetrators are known to the reporting party. The incident was reported to the University Police on Monday, Oct. 3, 2016. The investigation is continuing.

At this time, there is no immediate threat or danger to the University community.

Sexual Assault

Southeast reminds you that sexual assault is a term to describe any sexual act without consent. Sexual assault does not happen due to uncontrollable lust or simple miscommunication, though these acts are often written off as such. Sexual assaults are acts of aggression for which there is no excuse. No matter how a person is dressed, or behaves, no one asks or deserves to be assaulted. There is no right or wrong reaction to a sexual assault, but know that there are people at Southeast here to help. For additional information on sexual assault, visit

If you experience sexual violence …

  1. Go to a safe place. Contact someone who can help you such as a friend, family member or a resource at the University.
  2. Arrange for confidential counseling. Learn about resources available to help you.
  3. Seek medical attention. Even if you do not want to report, it is important for your health to have an exam. Consider having a rape examination performed and evidence stored in case you decide to report. Inquire about tests for pregnancy and/or sexually transmitted infections.
  4. Assist in preserving evidence. Even if you do not want to report at this time, you may want to consider avoiding a bath or shower, brushing your teeth, urinating, eating or drinking until after your examination.
  5. In case of emergency, call the Department of Public Safety at (573) 651-2215.

Student Code of Conduct to Foster Secure Environment

Southeast is committed to fostering a learning, living and working environment in which all members of the University community and students are safe and secure. Sexual misconduct is a serious violation of the criminal code and the University’s Student Code of Conduct. It is not tolerated within our University community.

All members of the Southeast community are strongly encouraged to promptly report all incidents of sexual misconduct to one of the following offices: the Department of Public Safety, Campus Violence Prevention Program, Center for Behavioral Health and Accessibility, the Dean of Students Office and the Office of Student Conduct. There is no time limit for reporting an incident, and our highest priority is the well-being and safety of our students and community at all time.

Our programs and resources provide 24-hour support for students in crisis, information on students’ rights and reporting options, advocacy services at the University, hospital, police, court and legal systems; long-term counseling and resources for healing; and referrals to community resources.

For more information about Southeast’s Campus Violence Prevention Program, visit

For more information about the University’s Student Code of Conduct,

For more information on sexual assault, these resources are available to you:

On Campus

Campus Violence Prevention Program

Counseling & Disability Services

Office of Student Conduct

Residence Life

Department of Public Safety

Local Community

Safe House for Women, Inc.

Cape Police Department

Beacon Health Center


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