Facilities Management provides a wide range of services to the campus which help to facilitate the overall safety and quality of the University.

Our goal is to ensure that occupants of our facilities experience a physical environment with a high quality of standard of living, working, teaching and learning.

Project and Supply Request

Work Order System

Submit non-emergency work requests and review labor and material charges associated with the resulting work orders. The iServiceDesk also offers a place to request consumable supplies. Only available from an on-campus internet connection, or via the SEMO VPN

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University Receiving

University Receiving offers a variety of services including the distribution of intra-campus mail, delivery of freight and mail, processing freight and mail, and the management process of office supplies.

Environmental Health & Safety

The Office of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) provides services and support for efficient, effective and compliant work practices, while promoting a culture of shared responsibility by students, faculty, staff, and visitors for a healthy, safe, and environmentally sound community.

Policies & Procedures

Get more information about Facilities Management's policies and procedures for use of university vehicles and insurance.

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Facilities Management Services

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Services provides maintenance and repair services for all HVAC equipment on Main Campus, River Campus, Sikeston Regional Campus, and Kennett Regional Campus.  The HVAC team consists of 5 technicians.  The team’s responsibility includes maintaining and repairing all existing equipment, including chiller plants, maintenance/replacement of large motors and fans included in air conditioning systems, and maintenance, repair, and replacement of air conditioning controls, greenhouse maintenance, washer/dryer repairs, and pump repairs. The team maintains and repairs all HVAC heating water systems on campus.  They provide maintenance and repairs of the variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems at all Greek Village buildings.  All mechanics on the team are EPA certified to recover and handle regulated refrigerant gasses in all systems. This team also performs emergency service with an on call, after hours, weekend rotation.
Preventative Maintenance 
  • The Maintenance Technician team provides the majority of preventative maintenance services on Main Campus, River Campus, Sikeston Regional Campus, and Kennett Regional Campus.  The Maintenance team consists of 4 technicians.  The team is responsible for management and replacement of air filters across campus, including all of the classroom HEPA units.  They maintain and grease pumps and motors, along with replacement of belts on equipment.  They assist other MEP trades with minor repairs with Plumbing, HVAC, and Electrical.  They assist with light bulb changes and management of the bulb recycling building. 
Electrical and Life Safety 
  • Electrical and Life Safety Services provides maintenance and repair services for all low and high voltage electrical equipment on Main Campus, River Campus, Sikeston Regional Campus, and Kennett Regional Campus.  The Electrician team consists of 5 technicians.  Several of our Electricians are fully licensed in the City of Cape Girardeau. The Electrician team maintains secondary voltage power distribution systems, performing such utility functions as: installation of new electrical circuits; maintenance and repair of building power distribution; repair of indoor and outdoor lighting systems; general troubleshooting and repair of electrical distribution systems; installs and maintains building fire alarm systems. This team also performs emergency service with an on call, after hours, weekend rotation. 
  • Facilities Management manages standing contracts with inspection companies to perform NFPA testing and inspections of campus fire alarm systems, fire sprinkler and pump systems, fire extinguishers, and ansul hood suppression systems. 
  • Plumbing Services provides maintenance and repairs for all plumbing, water piping, and sanitary sewer piping on Main Campus, River Campus, Sikeston Regional Campus, and Kennett Regional Campus.  The Plumbing team consists of 4 technicians.  Several of our Plumbers are fully licensed in the City of Cape Girardeau.  The Plumbing team performs routine utility maintenance and repairs on domestic water systems, hot water systems, sanitary sewer systems, distribution systems within buildings, restroom fixtures, drinking fountains, storm sewers, backflow preventers, and fire sprinkler systems and pumps.  This team also performs emergency service with an on call, after hours, weekend rotation. 
Service, Carpentry, Locks, and Elevators 
  • The Service Crew provides services for multiple aspects of maintenance and repair items within buildings on Main Campus, River Campus, Sikeston Regional Campus, and Kennett Regional Campus. The Service Crew consists of 8 technicians.  The Service Crew performs routine maintenance of carpentry repairs, windows, doors, building roofs, ceiling tiles, glass repairs, exterior concrete repairs, floor repairs, brick/block repairs, wall repairs, and wall hangings.  The Service Crew also has a full time operator that assists with work requiring large equipment.   
  • Locksmith Services oversees the maintenance of all campus locks with a full time Locksmith.  The locksmith works directly with the Keys team.  The Locksmith is also responsible for maintenance and repairs of all ADA door openers, panic bar alarms, electronic access devices, and all door hardware. 
  • Elevator Services oversees the maintenance of all campus elevators with a full time Elevator technician.  Facilities manages standing contracts with an elevator maintenance company and an inspection company.  All campus elevators are routinely inspected and certified under the guidelines of the State of Missouri.  
  • Painting Services provides maintenance and repairs for all types of building spaces on Main Campus, River Campus, Sikeston Regional Campus, and Kennett Regional Campus.  The Painting team consists of 5 technicians.  The team is responsible for multiple levels of building finishes on campus including room touch up and full room painting.  Painting Services is responsible for the repair and finish of sheetrock and interior plaster.  The team maintains exterior painting on buildings, sports facilities, parking lots, light poles, and structural steel.  The team responds to needs on campus for graffiti removal and surface repairs. 
Boiler Plant Operations 
  • The Boiler Plant is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the central steam plant which serves all of the Main Campus. Steam is used for heating and domestic hot water in multiple facilities. 

Custodial Services consists of 65 custodians: divided between two shifts, who are dedicated to cleaning in the residence halls, auxiliary buildings, and academic buildings over 3 million square feet.   Full-time staff is supplemented with 21 student employees.

The Custodial Technicians are certified through the ISSA/CMI’s Training Program which is designed to help the custodian meet the requirements of his or her job at Southeast Missouri State University. This program helps maintain consistency and equality while providing opportunity for advancement within the custodial field.

The Design & Construction unit provides a full range of planning, project development and construction management services to the campus community. These services further the mission of the University by providing facilities that are conducive to student success.

To start these services departments must submit a Project Request Form (FORM COMING SOON from IT). Once executed with appropriate approvals, the Associate Director will assign a project manager. The project manager will assist the client, and ensure campus standards, state statutes, building codes, and all applicable laws are followed from start to completion.

Facility Archives

The Design and Construction unit maintains and updates maps, site plans, record documents, building floor plans.

Planning & Design Services

Project management staff provide interior design; space planning, floor plan layout, and estimating services to the campus community.

Furniture Selection and Purchase

To get furniture, clients should submit a work request via iServiceDesk. This request will be reviewed by the Associate Director and assigned to a project manager. The project manager will provide guidance to the client regarding style; floor plan layout to ensure ADA guidelines are met; cost estimates; ordering and installation. 

Capital Projects & Major Construction 

All capital projects are assigned to a project manager. This person will be engaged from conceptual design to project closeout and will be the primary contact with the client, architects, and engineers, general, and subcontractors. The project manager will monitor progress, assure quality standards are met, manage the budget and schedule to ensure the scope of work is executed and the project is completed on time and within budget. 

Fleet Services includes 3 full-time employees to maintain a fleet of over 185 trucks, cars, trailers, generators, industrial equipment, and buses used throughout campus. With the assistance of the operations support crew within Facilities Management we monitor and process license renewals, title transfers, vehicle inspections along with maintaining the vehicles used by Facilities Management, Athletics, Computer Services, Risk Management, Central Receiving, Telecommunications, Agriculture, Alumni Services, Public Safety, and the President. 

Fuel Vending

Facilities Management manages the University’s vehicle fuel purchases through Wright Express, a retail fuel vending service contracted through the State of Missouri. For more information regarding the system, vehicle cards, or user PIN #’s, contact x2349 or facilities@semo.edu. 

Vehicle Insurance

University and Foundation owned and leased vehicles are covered by insurance that is managed by Facilities Management. Call x2657 for information regarding vehicle insurance.  

All accidents are to be reported immediately to DPS at x2215 and Facilities Management x2657.

Facilities Management’s personnel processes, including payroll and the hiring of student and temporary employees, are centralized at the Facilities Management Service Center. Questions regarding departmental personnel processes and payroll can be directed to x2925 or email facilities@semo.edu.

The SEMO department of Grounds Services is responsible for the maintenance and beautification of campus grounds.  The Grounds staff are responsible for over 300 acres of the main campus, 17.5 acres at River Campus and is comprised of 12 full time employees and up to 10 part time seasonal employees. 

Turf Maintenance 

The Grounds Section provides turf maintenance to all-natural grass areas across campus and maintains all athletic fields/Intramural fields. 


The Grounds Section is responsible for coordination and planning of landscape projects. The section implements plantings of trees, shrubs, plants and flowers, and maintains all landscaped areas. These responsibilities include fertilizing, pest control, mulching, trimming, pruning of trees and shrubs, and removal of dead trees and limbs. 


Grounds Services employs an irrigation technician who is responsible for irrigation system maintenance on campus.  All turf zones are separated for shrub/annual flower bed zones. 

Interior Pest Control 

Pest control for residence halls and food service areas is performed regularly; other areas are treated on a three-month rotation or as needed. 

Snow and Ice Removal 

Snow and ice removal on all campus roads, walks and steps is the responsibility of the Grounds section.  

Litter & Trash Removal

Grounds services staff pick up litter and service the outdoor trash containers Monday-Friday. 

Emergency Response

Grounds services provide Barricades, fencing, flagging, for utility repairs or other emergency responses. 

Hardscape Maintenance

Grounds Services maintains all roads, parking lots, sidewalks. 

Southeast Campuses utilize a lock system which features interchangeable cores. This system allows Facilities Management’s Key Control to produce individual locks and keys as needed providing optimal security to students, employees, equipment, and property. All lock changes are processed through Facilities Management by submitting a work order request.

University employees may obtain keys by submitting a key request form, approved by proper Building Coordinator and Supervisor, to FMSC located at 610 Washington during normal University business hours.  For more information, contact Facilities at x2331 or email facilities@semo.edu.

Warehouse operations include procuring, storing, and maintaining inventory of over 7,000 items of materials, supplies, and tools necessary for the department to complete its mission. Contact Stores at x5067 or facilities@semo.edu.

Interior Pest Control 

Pest control for residence halls and food service areas is performed regularly; other areas are treated on a three-month rotation or as needed.

Support Services employs six full-time employees who work Monday-Friday to accommodate University operations. Support Services personnel handle moves of departments and offices (including interior moves), deliver equipment and supplies, and provide staging including set up and tear down of tables and chairs for athletics and other university events.

Requests for service can be submitted by iServiceDesk or by calling the Call Center x2349. Questions can be submitted via email at facilities@semo.edu. Customers can track progress and associated costs through iServiceDesk by using either the work order request number or the work order number that is emailed to the customer upon receipt by Facilities.

All maintenance and repairs, renovations, and construction costs are tracked via FM’s work order system. Billing is processed via FM’s automated billing system. Questions about work order billings should be directed to facilities@semo.edu or by calling x2349.   

In case of emergency, call DPS at (573) 651-2215. 

If a maintenance problem is encountered in a residence hall, students should contact their Residence Assistant or Hall Director, who will evaluate the situation and determine how to proceed.

Maintenance technicians’ normal hours of operation are 7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Monday – Friday (excluding University holidays). Please allow ample response time after regular working hours as we do not have 24-hour staffing.

Facilities Management Charge Policy

Facilities Management is budgeted to address routine operations and maintenance requirements of the University, requesting departments are not charged. Service requests include work to operate and maintain facilities, utilities, grounds, as well as custodial. Examples of service requests include:

  • Carpentry repairs (due to normal wear and tear):
    • Doors
    • Windows
    • Walls
    • Roofs
    • Ceilings
    • Floorings
  • Electrical repairs
  • Elevator repairs
  • Temperature & humidity control (HVAC)
  • Plumbing repairs
  • Custodial service (excluding vandalism)
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Repairs to door locks due to normal wear and tear
  • Maintenance and repair to parking lots, roads, and walks
  • Pest control
  • Recycling
  • Maintenance and repair of:
    • Fire Alarms
    • Emergency Exits
    • Emergency Lights
  • Snow removal
  • Support Services Requests (with proper scheduling)
  • Surplus

Chargeable work orders are departmental requests that are non-maintenance and non-routine in nature; the requesting department is responsible for all material expenditures. Labor will be charged as determined by the type of work being requested (see examples below).

Please contact Facilities Management at (573) 986-4918 if you require confirmation as to whether labor will be charged for requests.

Estimates can be requested at no charge.

Chargeable Work Orders - Only Materials Will Be Charged

Attaching items to building (including but not limited to):
  • Bulletin boards
  • Marker boards
  • Shelving units
  • Televisions and mounts
  • Pictures
  • Banners
  • Departmental clocks
  • Cabinets
  • Painting (excluding color changes or non-scheduled/warranted requests)
  • Departmental signage
  • Vehicle repairs (excluding Auxiliary and Transit vehicles)
  • Reverse Osmosis systems (RO)/Water Softeners
  • Painting of the Student Activity Council Boards on back of Boiler Plant

Chargeable Work Orders - Labor and Materials Will Be Charged

  • Repair or modifications to departmental and office equipment or furniture (including but not limited to):
    • Cabinets
    • Laboratory Equipment
    • File Cabinets (Repairs & unlocking)
    • Display cases (Repairs, unlocking, lighting, etc.)
    • Athletic equipment
    • Furniture lock installation
    • Office chairs
    • Desk accessory installations, (ie: keyboard trays)
    • Desk modifications and repairs
    • Departmental appliances (ie: washers/dryers and refrigerators)
  • Equipment exclusive to departments – installation, repair, and maintenance and preventive maintenance (including but not limited to):
    • Air compressors
    • Water softeners (connected to lab equipment/departmental equipment)
    • Scoreboards
    • Marquees
    • Kilns, firing ovens, and autoclaves
    • Unscheduled sport flooring replacement/modifications
  • Special event set up or tear down (including but not limited to):
    • Show Me Center events
    • University tent (for non-University related functions)
    • Event requests without three business-day notice
  • Modifications or additions to electric, plumbing, HVAC, etc.
  • Departmental card swipe and keypad entry systems
    • Modifications to door lock functions
    • Lock/core replacement due to loss of keys
    • Lock/core replacement due to departmental request
  • Window treatment replacement due to preference
  • Auxiliary and Transit vehicle maintenance and repairs
  • Necessary repairs caused by outside vendor contracted by department without prior authorization from Facilities Management.
  • Heavy equipment operator and usage
  • Support of non-University athletic events
  • Damage/vandalism in residence halls and leased facilities
  • Furniture and equipment damages
  • Elevator damages
  • Building damages
    • Lock/core damage
    • Broken windows and window coverings
    • Lost keys
    • Signage
  • Tech Packages
  • Unscheduled flooring replacement/modifications:
    • Kitchen requests and maintenance – Dining Service Areas

Any request that is unreasonable in scope or time schedule may be charged.

610 Washington Ave.
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701
Mailing Address
One University Plaza, MS 7750
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701