Research in the Department of Psychology and Counseling includes the understanding of the mind, behavior, and mental health.

The primary goal of the research program at Southeast is to provide hands-on experience for students by collecting data and observation. Research is both built into the curriculum and encouraged outside your coursework. It's an opportunity for students to get more involved in their area of interest, work more closely with a faculty member, and begin to build their professional experience. 

All students taking PY101 and PY102 are members of our Research Participant (RP) pool. This generally requires students to complete studies in labs and/or online. Students need to earn four research credits in order to fulfill this requirement. All students have the right to refuse to participate in departmental research. Students refusing to participate in departmental research must inform their instructor, so a suitable alternative can be made available. 

Students can write a series of research papers if they do not want to participate in studies. Please refer to the Research Participation Policy below for more information about this requirement. 

Research Participation Policy

The department uses a system called SONA to coordinate research participation. Students need to sign-up for studies using this system. Researchers will provide research credits to students after participation is complete. Please refer to the SONA System Instructions below for more information. 

SONA Systems Instructions

Upper-division students who are interested in developing their own research projects are encouraged to enroll in some of the following courses. Note that courses contain different prerequisites. 

PY484 Advanced Research in Psychology 

A laboratory research experience emphasizing the integration of material from previous research courses through conducting an original research study.  

Prerequisites (with grade of C or better):  
PY370. This course requires students to sign a contract with a faculty mentor. 

PY492 Directed Readings in Psychology 

Directed reading in an area of psychology allowing students to increase their knowledge in an area of individual interest.  

Prerequisites: Completion of 75 semester hours; minimum 2.75 GPA in psychology or 2.50 cumulative GPA; consent of department chairperson. 

PY493-494 Directed Research in Psychology 

Supervised experimental study of a psychological topic selected by the student, who should be well informed in fundamentals of experimental methods and statistics.  

Prerequisites: Completion of 75 semester hours; minimum 2.75 in psychology or 2.50 cumulative GPA; consent of department chairperson.

Research Conference

The Department of Psychology and Counseling participates in local, regional, and national conferences where students can present their research in a professional setting. The Annual Southeast Research Conference encourages research by undergraduate and graduate students in all disciplines and provides a setting for students to present their work in a professional manner.

Human Research Approval

The department strongly advocates human and animal research to advance understanding of mental processes and behavior. This research is conducted by faculty and students with the intent of disseminating knowledge to the psychological community through peer-reviewed publication and presentation.

Faculty Research Lab

Multiple faculty research labs are available including clinical, cognitive, counseling, developmental, organizational, and school research. Each lab has a principal investigator often open to working with students on research projects.

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