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Center for Writing Excellence

Due to the suspension of in-person classes for the spring 2020 semester, the Writing Lab, located in Memorial Hall, will not hold face-to-face tutoring sessions; however, the Online Writing Lab in Moodle will remain open. Drafts can be submitted online. Please email if you have any questions or concerns.

Student writing

The Center for Writing Excellence provides writing support to the faculty, staff, and students of Southeast, as well as writers from beyond the campus. The Center has three main areas of activity.

Writing Proficiency Exams

The center oversees the administration and scoring of placement exams and outcomes assessment exams in college writing.

Writing Lab

An online and face-to-face resource to assist students at all levels to develop as writers.

Writing in the Disciplines

Support for faculty as writing instructors in their areas of expertise.

Helix: A Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Helix is a publication of undergraduate and graduate research from across all disciplines at Southeast.

Quick Reference Guide

Tutorials for common writing problems, how-to formatting guides, and guides to both APA and MLA citation styles.

CWE Newsletter

Writing Wednesdays

    House of Dracula 2019 by Austin Neumeyer

    The final battle had begun. Sir Alfred van Dingle and his trusty butler Doc Jeeves had tracked the evil vampire Lord Dracula to his castle in the Carpathian Mountains. The heroic duo stood atop the northern turret in the pelting rainstorm, face to face with their greatest foe. “Sir, it says here that in order […]

    Writing a History for We, Not a History for He by Max Abbott

    History is a bad word. For many, history is viewed as being the story of white men and their victories and losses over other white men. Those who hold this view are not necessarily wrong, but they have been failed by some professor or instructor somewhere along the line; likewise, it can be hard for […]

    The Source of All Frustration by Maggie Fruehwirth

    So your professor assigned a paper and you have to have outside sources. You look up abstracts and wiki articles, maybe even go past the first page of Google results. However, you get your paper feedback and notice you have points off for sources and a note saying wiki isn’t a reliable source—what are you […]

    True Horror By Austin Neumeyer

    It was a dark and stormy Halloween night in Cape Girardeau. As the trick or treaters turned in and the adults hid in their homes, the city streets grew empty. A pale of silence enclosed the town, leaving only whispering wind and intermittent thunder, and parents everywhere were left with disappointed children dressed as monsters. […]


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