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Call for Participants

Before getting started, we suggest all interested faculty review our Call for Participants. This gives you a detailed description of the programs goals and logistics. 

We are currently not accepting calls for participants. Please contact if you're interested in participating in a future cohort.

Call for Participants


After reviewing the Call for Participants, you can access the link below to apply to be part of the MTS Program using the editable PDF document. Applicants will need to make sure to address evidence that the course they are applying to take through the MTS Program is high need (i.e. can fill multiple sections of students on wait list).

Complete the application by filling out all of your information, sign your name, get your department chair and deans signature; then send to Dennis Kinkead either via email at, or by mail at MS 4610 c/o Dennis. Southeast Online will get the Provost signature as well as sign the Southeast Online Acknowledgement signature. After all applications are reviewed Southeast Online will notify accepted applicants.

Institute Schedule

Summer 2018 Program

Activity Dates
Apply to the MTS Program Now – May 4, 2018
Accepted Applicants Notified By May 11, 2018
Primer Course May 21,2018 – June 2, 2018
Face-to-Face Workshop June 4, 2018
Design Phase June 4, 2018 – July 27, 2018
Peer Review August 6, 2018 – August 10, 2018

Primer Course Overview and Instructions

The Primer Course is a two week long, asynchronous online course, that puts participating faculty in the shoes of an online student, while covering topics such as: online learning, online course design fundamentals, the Master Template Studio process, and locating and developing content.

Don’t let the long list of topics covered in the Primer Course scare you. The Primer Course is not designed to take all your time and energy to complete. The Primer Course was created to get all faculty on the same page and to cover competencies online so that our face-to-face workshop can be as productive as possible. It is only expected to take faculty 20 hours to complete the Primer Course from start to finish.


There will be a one-day face-to-face Workshop at Catapult in downtown Cape Girardeau. At the Workshop faculty will begin constructing their online course. All faculty will need to bring the following items with them: syllabus, lesson objectives, and ideas for desired activities.

Peer Review Resources

Peer Review

At the end of the design phase CSTL will put the completed course into the LMS for faculty. After they have the course completed in Moodle there will be a peer review process that will allow for others working on MTC’s to review your completed course.

The peer review process that the MTS program will be using is The Open SUNY Course Quality Review (OSCQR) rubric. To learn more about the OSCQR rubric you can visit the following link: You can access the rubric below which will be the exact rubric we use for the peer review at the end of the program.

OSCQR Rubric

Continuous Quality Improvement Resources

At least every 5 semester (or 30 months) courses will be required to go through a CQI review. Each department will set the specific CQI Review Schedule for each course. The CQI Review process will occur in two parts: An internal review and external review.

The internal review is completed by the individual academic department. This review will be look at course content and deciding whether or not to update course content. The external review will be completed by Southeast Online or CSTL and is only concerned with making sure the course webpage’s links are working. The external review is not concerned with course content; that is left up to the individual departments that complete the internal review.

Sample Resource Manual

By the end of the MTS Program all completed courses will be accompanied by a Course Resource Manual created by the participating faculty and Online Instructional Coordinator to outline the rules and procedures for whoever teaches the course.

Example Resource Manual

Sample Master Template Course

We welcome all faculty to view a sample of a completed MTS, so that you can have a better understand of the consistency and structure we are looking for in MTS’s. Content is developed by faculty and put into our LMS by CSTL; so, don’t feel like your Moodle or aesthetic design skills will inhibit you from participating.

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Meet Cohort 1

2018 Summer Cohort

Faculty Department
Alisha Ortiz Accounting
Christine Ladwig Accounting
Gillian Nicholls Accounting
Lori Mueller Accounting
Erin Fluegge Management & Marketing
Foster Roberts Management & Marketing
Shawn Guiling Psychology
Nicolas Wilkins Psychology
Faculty and Staff in meeting room
Faculty and Staff in front of noteboard


Dennis Kinkhead
Phone: (573) 651-2348