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How Online Learning Works

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How Online Learning Works

Your life is in motion. You can’t just put it all away and pick it up after you’ve completed your degree. Online learning brings higher education closer to your schedule, so you can move your plans forward.

What is Online Learning like?

Southeast Online provides you with the same reputable college courses taught by the University’s exceptional faculty, without you ever having to set foot on campus.

Online courses have set Start and End dates, based on the University semester, and are typically offered in 16-week and 8-week periods. There are no regularly scheduled meeting times and you will complete most work asynchronously.

In place of classroom conversations, online courses typically include discussion forums. The instructor poses a question, students post their own comments, and respond to the comments of others within a specified time frame.

Southeast Online also uses a variety of instructional tools to facilitate learning. You can expect to see content posted as

  • Web Pages
  • PowerPoint Slides
  • PDF or Word documents
  • Video or audio files
  • Links to other Internet resources and supplemental materials

Southeast uses learning management system (LMS), called Canvas. Canvas is the course-management software where you will find your class content, contribute to forums, and submit your assignments.

Try out our Demo Class so you can see how our online classes are organized.

We recommend you have convenient access to a computer with a high-speed Internet connection. Our IT Department recommends your equipment meets the following criteria

Familiarize yourself with using email, discussion boards, file sharing, wikis, blogs, journals, and web page posting.

Our faculty and staff are focused on providing you with the support to reach your goals. Your Academic Advisor, referred to as an Online Program Specialist (OPS), will guide you from first enrollment to graduation.

Your OPS will help set your enrollment and plan of study for the semester. You will receive a detailed advising summary outlining your remaining degree requirements, recommended classes, and other important information for a rewarding semester. Your OPS is committed to your success as an online learner.

As a student with Southeast Online, you have full access to all University Resources, such as Kent Library, Information Technology support, the Writing Center, the River Campus, participation in the University’s extra-curricular events and organizations, and more.

Read everything. Get to know your course material, the FAQs, the how-to's and online discussions. Log into class frequently and check your Southeast email on a regular basis.
Manage your time effectively. The convenience of online course brings increased responsibility for time management. Even though you are not required to sit in an actual classroom, schedule time when you will regularly focus on your coursework. Add assignments and test dates to a calendar.
Use the tools provided. Develop your general computer proficiency and take advantage of our Student Resources. Make sure your computer and mobile equipment meet the minimum requirements. If you have questions, speak up and ask for help to ensure your success in the course.