Welcome to UI100 - First Year Seminar

Southeast Missouri State University is proud of our commitment to helping you, our first-year students, transition successfully to the University. Southeast requires most of our first-year students to take the UI100: First Year Seminar which is a one-credit hour course to assist you during your first semester.

The goal of this course is simple: to ensure you have a successful transition to Southeast Missouri State University. We want to make sure you, as a new student, are successful in meeting the academic demands you will face during your undergraduate years. Throughout the course, you will learn to build on your information literacy, critical thinking, cultural competence, and communication skills; all of which are critical to you becoming a lifelong learner. You will also be introduced to services and resources available to you during your time here at Southeast.

As a student enrolled in the course, you will have the opportunity to study with a committed instructor who is dedicated to your success. You will have the opportunity to engage in interactive assignments and activities to help you better acclimate to the institution. Along the way, you will become more connected to Southeast and to become a responsible member of our academic community.

  1. Research, Inquire, and Integrate – As a result of this course, students will…
    1. Develop critical thinking skills and creative capacities with the purpose of solving problems.
    2. Develop information literacy skills in researching and evaluating information, ideas, claims, and arguments.
    3. Identify and articulate their skills, strengths, knowledge, and experiences and begin to align academic and career interests.
    4. Continue their orientation to college life and become acquainted with university resources, organizations, and the structure of Southeast Missouri State University.
  2. Express and Communicate – As a result of this course, students will…
    1. Develop written, oral, electronic, and visual expression skills to discover and articulate ideas and viewpoints.
  3. Engage in a Diverse World – As a result of this course, students will…
    1. Examine how their background and experiences impact their values and assumptions and explain the influence these have on their ·relationship with others.
    2. Explore and reflect on their motivation for their participation in and their role within the Southeast Missouri State University academic community.
    3. Examine and explain the value of living in a diverse, interconnected, and changing world.
    4. Engage in constructive, responsible, and ethical behavior in the classroom, campus, and larger communities.

  1. Students will research and evaluate information, ideas, claims, and arguments using a variety of source types.
  2. Students will demonstrate effective written communication skills.
  3. Students will demonstrate an understanding of living in a diverse and changing world.

Kent Library Walking Tour

  • Your tour of Kent Library consists of a self-guided walking tour that includes embedded activity questions. Your instructor may have you complete this during a class session or ask you to complete it on your own time. The tour begins at the Reference Desk on the third floor of Kent Library.
Class Meeting with a Faculty Librarian
  • At some point during the semester, your class will meet with a Kent Library faculty member who will facilitate a session with your class focusing on a research assignment.

Academic Support Services

  • You will learn about the many support services offered to you as a student that will help you be successful throughout your academic pursuits. 

Academic Advisoring

  • Demonstrations and guidance will be provided on the many things you need to know about the advising and registration processes at Southeast. 

Career Assessment (Focus 2)

  • Prior to the mid-point of the course, you will be asked to complete the Focus 2 career assessment. This assessment guides you through a reliable, intuitive career and education decision making model to help you select (or confirm) a major, explore occupations, make informed career decisions, and take action on your career development.

Diversity Activity

  • In order to help you learn to engage in a diverse world, you will complete a diversity activity during the course of the semester. Your instructor will provide you with more information.

Sexual Violence Prevention Content & Quiz

  • You will view information on sexual violence prevention created by Equity Initiatives and take the associated quiz.