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Master of Arts in English: English Studies  

Reflecting the changing conceptions of what constitutes English studies, the Master of Arts in English offers students considerable latitude in the shaping of their program of study. The degree offers a range of courses in literature, creative writing, rhetoric, theory, and pedagogy. Students may design their programs to enhance their prospects for teaching in high school or community college, to prepare for doctoral work in English, or to prepare for a variety of non-teaching occupations.

Master of Arts in English: Professional Writing  

Southeast's Masters in Professional Writing helps students to master different types of professional writing, to further develop their writing skills, and to perfect their critical abilities, including the determination of effective styles and presentations for texts. Professional writing includes rhetorical composition, technical writing, new media, and creative writing. The option allows students to learn in depth about writing theories, rhetorical theory, creative writing and its strategies, and technical production of text in print and online.

Entering students should be able to communicate effectively both orally and in writing. They must be computer-literate and able to use word-processing software such as Microsoft Word. Master candidates in Professional Writing who are in their second year may qualify for one of four Dorothy and Wedel Nilsen Scholarships for writers.

Master of Arts in TESOL  

The Master of Arts in TESOL degree prepares students for a wide range of teaching opportunities in the United States and abroad or for doctoral work. The program blends theory with practice with an emphasis on the application of theory to the classroom. With a placement rate of 95%, the program's graduates have gone on to successful careers in k-12 public and private schools, community colleges, adult education, colleges, and universities. Instruction is delivered onsite, online, and through interactive television.

Degree Requirements

Common Core: 18 hours
Research: EN 601 (revised) (3)
Literature: Choose any two 500 or 600 level LI courses (6)
Writing: Choose two from EN 550, EN 670, EN 678, LI 572 (6)
Theory /Linguistics: Choose from LI 605, LI 658, EN 535, EN 686, UI 500, UI 501 (3)
Further req’s for English Studies Option (9) Further req’s for Prof. Writing Option (9)
Brit. Lit before 1800 (LI 560, LI 577, LI 665) (3) EN 623 Visual Rhetoric (new) (3)
Brit Lit. after 1800 (LI 578, LI 605, LI 676) (3) EN 624 Editing and Research in PW (new) (3)
Amer. Lit (LI 565, 568, 570, 571, 576, 621,674) (3) EN 645 Advanced Publishing (3)
Electives for Either ES or PW Option: Total: (9)
Thesis (3) a maximum of 3 hours may be taken
Teaching Practicum in Writing or Literature (3) a maximum of 3 hours may be taken
Independent Study (3) a maximum of 3 hours may be taken

Additional LI courses 500-600 level (literature)
Additional EN courses 500-600 level (writing)
Additional 500-600 level theory or linguistics courses
Teaching Assistant Seminars (6 hours) count as electives

  • All students must complete their choice of a thesis, a graduate paper plus a comprehensive exam, or a capstone project.
  • No course taken as part of an undergraduate degree will fulfill any MA requirement.
  • EN 694 Thesis may be taken only for 3 credit hours (for those opting to write a thesis).
  • At least 18 hours must be at the 600 level
  • No course fulfills more than one requirement.

Master of Arts in TESOL

Core Course Requirements (36):

TL 525 Theories of ESL/EFL Learning (3)
TL 585 Methods of Techniques of TESOL (3)
TL 625 Materials Development and Assessment Tools for TESOL (3)
TL 530 Practicum in TESOL (3)
TL 648 Foundations in Linguistics (3)
UI 501 Principles of Language (3)
TL 620 Approaches to the Teaching of Grammar (3)
EN 686 Sociolinguistics (3)
TL 601 Research Methods in TESOL (3)
GR 691 Methods of Research: Qualitative and Quantitative Designs (3)
TL 630 Special Problems in TESOL (3)

Choose 9 Hours From the Following:

EN 606 Topics, Issues and Trends in English (3)
SE 641 Multicultural Education (3)
TL 610 Developing Intercultural Awareness & Competence (3)
TL 650 Approaches to Second Language Literacy Instruction

The 9 elective hours are not confined to the three courses listed above. Students will be advised to select courses that are appropriate to their field of interest. These fields may include composition, literature, education, foreign language, etc.

Non-Thesis Graduate Paper and MA Degree Comprehensive Exam**

**Under certain circumstances, a student may be allowed to write a thesis or develop a teaching portfolio.


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