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Enrollment Process

New Students

Any student who was not enrolled during the previous fall or spring semester is considered a new student.

To enroll in the Music Academy, fill out and submit the on-line registration form - one form per enrollment, please.  Once your enrollment form has been validated you will receive an email directing you to a link to pay the instructional fees. You may indicate a specific teacher request under "preferred teacher". (See "Staff" section to determine if your teacher is professional or student level faculty.) If you need help or advice selecting an appropriate teacher or enrollment period, please call the Academy office at 651-2378. We recommend this preliminary communication since we maintain waiting lists in several areas, and since a few areas do not have both a professional and student level teacher available.

Registration form AND Instructional Fee(s) are due by the following deadlines:
Fall - August 13, 2021
Spring - January 7, 2022
Summer-May 21, 2021

Continuing Students

Students who were enrolled in the previous semester (excluding summer session) are considered returning students.

All returning students must re-register each semester. If registration is received and Instructional Fees are paid by the deadline, you will automatically be assigned to your current teacher. If payment is received after the deadline, your name will be placed at the end of the waiting list for first available opening. To request a different teacher or to change faculty levels, please call the Academy office before the deadline - 651-2378.

Registration form AND Instructional Fee(s) are due by the following deadlines:
Fall-August 13, 2021
Spring - January 7, 2022
Summer- May 21, 2021

All Students

Once your completed registration form and payment are received, you will be contacted by your instructor to schedule lesson times. Please have your new Musicianship Class time handy when your teacher calls. Remember that most teachers receive their rosters the week before classes, so scheduling calls may not be made until that time.

New students and continuing students not currently enrolled in Musicianship Class must attend the Placement Test to determine the most appropriate class for age and ability. Sessions are at 6:30 p.m. on August 19, 2021 or January 13, 2022, in room 201 of the River Campus Seminary Building.


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