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Culturally Responsive Teaching

What is the Certificate in Culturally Responsive Teaching?

This is a series of workshops, presentations and book studies in which participants study, discuss, and reflect upon teaching with respect to the cultural diversity found at Southeast Missouri State University. The Certificate in Culturally Responsive Teaching provides tools and ideas for teaching and working with all students.

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What is Required of Participants?

Approximately 25 clock hours of training are offered throughout the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. To complete the certificate, participants must attend 12 hours of any combination of workshops, breakout sessions, designated book studies, or Take Away Friday presentations. Participants will be asked to submit a written reflection of their experiences and learning.

The final assignment will include an action plan showing how the participant intends to share their learning with others. Participants are encouraged to present to the faculty member’s home department or college.

Continuing the Conversation

The President’s Task Force on Diversity Education (December 2015) vision is that, "Southeast Missouri State University will be a campus community where individuals from all backgrounds will feel welcomed, respected and included; and where our campus community engages in best practices to promote cultural competence and inclusion in all aspects of our work." It also recommended that the “Center for Scholarship in Teaching and Learning implement a regular series of workshops dedicated to issues of diversity and cultural inclusion in the classroom, including the online classroom.” This certificate supports their recommendation.

President's Task Force on Diversity Education

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Spring Semester Offerings 

Take Away Friday

Book Study 

"Factfulness" by Hans Rosling


Summer Semester Offerings 


Book Study




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