Textbook Rental


Summer Textbook Rental Books Are Due August 6, 2018 before 4pm or postmarked on or before August 6, 2018 to avoid additional charges. Textbooks returned in person or postmarked Tuesday, August 7 through Friday, August 10 will be eligible to return with the late fee of $25.00 per book.

Textbook Rental: Basement of Kent Library (East side of building)

Regional Campuses: Kennett, Sikeston, and Cape College Center, and at the Poplar Bluff SEMO office (Please contact check each location for their summer hours)

After Hours: The Big Red Drop Box is located in Dearmont's Main Entrance Lobby, it will be there beginning Wednesday August 1, 2018 and closing the following Monday, August 6, 2018 at 8am. Enabling students to return textbooks when Textbook Rental is closed and over the weekend following finals and up until the deadline.

It's like a scholarship for every student

Welcome to the Textbook Rental Department! Southeast Missouri State University offers a unique benefit for our students. As a long standing tradition, we have a textbook rental system that is convenient and an economic benefit. Students pay a fixed rental fee per course. It is our mission to rent the main textbook required for students at a fraction of the cost of the textbook.  This cost savings benefit is for Undergraduate and Graduate students who are enrolled in 100-599 level courses and/or cross listed 400/600 level courses where the primary textbook is available at Textbook Rental.

Textbook Rental is owned and operated by Southeast Missouri State University for the benefit of our University Community. You help support the University through renting your books at Textbook Rental since all the proceeds from our operations are returned to the University. Thank you for your support!

Beginning with the fall 2018 semester, the Textbook Rental fees will be $35.00 + tax. Please note: the website has changed to reflect this new rental fee. Students renting summer textbooks will not be affected and will be charged the $25.00 + tax rental fee per course. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help!

Information for Southeast Bookstore go to www.semoshop.com  

Please do not use the Kent Library's book return wall slots.

Textbook Rental Important Information

Dates Information

July 4

Independence Day-Closed

Aug 1-6

Drop Box for summer books returns available at 4pm-8am

Aug 6

Summer Textbook Rental books due by 4pm to avoid additional charges

Aug 10

Summer hours end at close

Aug 13

First day to check out Fall 2018 textbooks

Aug 18

Open 10am-4pm for book check outs

Aug 19

Open 1pm-4pm for book check outs

Aug 20

Fall 2018 semester begins—Have a great semester!!

Sept 3

Labor Day-Closed

Oct 8-12

Discontinued book sale


Kent Library 123
Textbook Rental
One University Plaza, MS 2020
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701
Redhawk Food Pantry
Located inside Textbook Rental/ Monday-Friday 12noon-4:00pm