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Membership Committee

Membership Committee

Annual Report

Faculty Senate Membership Committee

April 30, 2003

The following actions were taken by the Membership Committee during the 2002-2003 academic year.

May 8, 2002:The Committee conducted an election within the Senate to replace a former Senator from the College of Education as a member of the Membership Committee.Senator McMahan was elected to fill the vacancy.

Copies of the recommendations of the Membership Committee of faculty members to serve on the Faculty Senate Reporting Committees and the Faculty Senate Legislative Committees were submitted by the Committee and approved by the Senate.

The Committee announced that several Senate committee chairs' positions had not been filled.It was agreed that the Senate Executive Committee, acting on behalf of the Senate, could appoint Senators to fill these positions during the summer.

August 28, 2002:The Committee distributed copies of the list of Senators and Alternates.The Committee reported that several Alternates' positions had not been filled, and Senators were asked to assist in filling those vacancies.Copies of the Faculty Senate Legislative and Reporting Committees were distributed.Several of the committees had vacant positions.Again, the Senators were asked to help in filling the vacant positions.

September 4, 2002:The Committee announced the filling of some of the vacant positions on Legislative Committees.Senate members who were not on at least one Legislative Committee were encouraged to select a committee on which to serve.

September 18, 2002:The Committee announced that the notifications for faculty service on University Standing Committees had been distributed across campus and that only eleven faculty members had returned their preference forms so far.It was announced that the Committee would meet on Wednesday, September 25, to make recommendations of faculty members to serve on these committees and that the recommendations would be sent to the administrators to whom the committees report.

The Committee announced that a volunteer from the Senate was needed to serve on the Research Involving Human Subjects Committee.

The Committee also announced that the position of Senate Alternate for the Department of Chemistry had been filled.

October 2, 2002:The Committee reported that its recommendations for faculty service on University Standing Committees had been prepared and that the recommendations had been hand delivered to the appropriate administrator.A total of 18 faculty members from across campus submitted preference forms for service on University Standing Committees.

It was announced that the Committee would meet with the Governance Committee on Wednesday, October 9, to consider the suggestions/recommendations that were presented to the Senate last spring by the Ad Hoc Faculty Senate Review Committee.

November 6, 2002:The Committee reported that it had met in joint session with the Governance Committee and that the two committees were in accord on Senate reform recommendations.

November 20, 2002:The Committee expressed concern regarding the recommendations of the deans in terms of service on promotion committees.It was pointed out that the University Promotion Committee is expecting a minimum of 60 applications for post-professorial increments, so having people up for promotion serving on promotion committees (at some level) would be practically inevitable.

December 11, 2002:The Committee distributed aproposed resolution to be considered by the Senate.The proposed resolution provides guidelines for faculty members who serve on the University Promotion Committee and who also applying for the post-professorial merit increment.The proposed resolution had been discussed with the Governance and Professional Affairs Committees.

February 5, 2003:The Committee reported that Dr. Cheryl Milde and Dr. Margaret Dalton had been elected to serve as Senator and Alternate from the Department of Educational Administration and Counseling.The Committee announced that Alternates Craig Elder and Alan Journet would be attending the Faulty Senate meetings this spring and that they would be serving on the Professional Affairs Committee.

February 28, 2003:The Committee reported that Faculty Senate elections would begin within the week.Notices will be sent to departments whose senators' terms end this semester.

March 5, 2003:The Committee reported that Faculty Senate election notifications had been sent to eight departments whose Senators' terms end this semester and that the Senate positions for the Department of Music and the Department of Social Work had been filled.

April 9, 2003:The Committee reported that Senate positions had been filled in the following departments:Middle and Secondary Education and Physics and Engineering Physics.The terms will end in 2006.Three departments and Kent Library remain without Senators at this time.

The Committee indicated that positions on Faculty Senate Legislative and Reporting Committees could not be filled until such time as the Faculty Senate determines which, if any, Legislative Committees might be open to full faculty membership.

The Committee reported that the notifications for faculty service on University Standing Committees could not be distributed to the faculty members since the Provost is the only administrator who has submitted the information needed by the Committee regarding committee positions to be filled.The Committee is waiting for the same type information from other administrators.