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Grievance Committee

Grievance Committee

Grievance Committee Report 2011-2012

The Grievance Committee evaluated two grievances in 2011. Both alleged violations of due process and academic freedom.

In the first, the Committee found in favor of the grievant. The Senate Executive Committee concurred with the Grievance Committee's overall conclusion and sent their recommendations forward using a different justification. On July 15, 2011, the Provost found against the grievant and suggested disciplinary action.

In the second case, the Committee noted a lack of procedural violation but recommended that the interpersonal issues that seemed to precipitate (and exacerbate) the conflict be referred to the Assistant to te President of Equality and Diversity issues for resolution. The Faculty Senate Executive Committee concurred as did the Provost (Dec. 1, 2011) who also recommended a meeting between the department in question and the Senior Assistant Provost to review the issues and make recommendations for change if warranted.


The Committee notes a rise in complaints that seem to stem from issues of interpersonal conflict. (Those reported above as well as others that did not rise to the level of a formal grievance.) Since the faculty handbook resticts the Grievance Committee to issues of procedural violations, there is no clear mechanism for dealing with issues of this type short of referring them to the Equality and Diversity office. The Senate may wish to consider the extent to which it wished (or not) to be involved in these conflicts situations and modify the handbook to clarify faculty involvment (through the Senate) in the grievance process.

Submitted by Larry Underberg, Chair
Faculty Senate Grievance Committee