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Grievance Committee

Grievance Committee

Faculty Senate Grievance Committee Annual Report
Academic Year 2009-10

Members: Dhira Crunkilton, Jayanti Ray (alt.) [Health & Human Services]; Paul Deiermann, Candide Walton (alt.) [Science & Mathematics]; Pete Kerr, Chr., Debbie Beard (alt.) [Business]; Bryan Bowers, Angran Xiao (alt.) [Polytechnic]; Larry Underberg, Ellen Dillon (alt.) [Liberal Arts]; Verl Pope, Larry Bohannon (alt.) [Education]; Julie Banks, Carl Pracht (alt.) [Kent].

Actions: Because the new protocol establishes time limits, all members and alternates were welcome to the meetings and kept abreast of the proceedings. If both the member and the alternate for a given unit were in attendance, only the member would vote. To date, a faculty member has filed two grievances. The committee has decided to hold a hearing which is scheduled for May 18th.

25 April 2009