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Governance Committee

Faculty Senate Academic Governance Committee
Year-End Report
2012-2013 Membership
Name College/School/Kent Library
Donald Jung (Chair) Liberal Arts (senator)
Joel Bolton Business
Sharon Gunn Education
Victor Wilburn Health & Human Services (senator)
Stephanie Chamberlain Liberal Arts (senator)
Jian Peng Science & Mathematics (senator)
Karl Suhr Kent Library
Faculty Senate Goals/Charges for Governance Committee 2012-2013:
  1. Update Faculty Handbook sections relating to Department and Department Chair, Department Chair, University Standing Committees and Councils, College and College Dean, and College Dean.
  2. Seek clarification on timeline for reviewing Provost and President
Action Items Completed 2012-2013:
  1. Revised sections of Faculty Handbook passed and/or pending/tabled by Faculty Senate:
    1. Department and Department Chair (passed Senate)
    2. Department Chair (passed Senate)
    3. University Standing Committees and Councils (passed Senate)
  2. Timeline for Review of Provost – moot
  3. Timeline for Review of President – unresolved
Action Items Continuing to Next Year (2012-2013):
  1. Work on updating Faculty Handbook sections relating to:
    1. College and College Dean
    2. College Dean
  2. Pressing forward on determining timeline for review of President.

Submitted by,
Donald Jung, Chair Governance 2012-2013