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Faculty Compensation Committee

Faculty Compensation Committee

Faculty Compensation 2008-2009 Year End Report

April 29, 2009

Committee Membership:

Charles D. Briggs, Julie Banks, Hamner Hill, Elaine Jackson, Walt Lilly, David Naugler, Verl Pope, Willy Redmond, Rick Sebby, Sven Svenson, Pat Willingham

Most of the committee's early discussions were made moot by the worsening economic situation. We did meet with the VP Finance and the Budget Office Director who answered our questions about the budget.

After due consideration of the current financial difficulties the Faculty Compensation Committee decided it would not request an increase in base pay for Fiscal Year 2009-10. This will result in further erosion of real income for faculty.

We did ask for changes in the reporting of faculty pay which make clear the percentage increase in base pay received by faculty who have neither been promoted nor have received post professional merit that year but have received base merit. If the overall average faculty increase is reported it should be very explicitly stated that promotion and professional merit increases are included in the calculation.

Making the Merit Pool part of the cost of continuing was discussed with the president and VP Finance. Although no decision was made the topic is open for further discussion. The committee agreed that if the pool is moved it must not be to the future salary disadvantage of the faculty. The next compensation committee may choose to continue the discussion.