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Faculty Compensation Committee

Faculty Compensation Committee


To:James Champine, Faculty Senate Chair

From:Cheryl Milde, Faculty Compensation Chair (replaced Pat Willingham)

Date:April 19, 2006

Re:2005-2006 Faculty Compensation Committee

Membership 2005-2006 Compensation Committee: Debbie Beard (replaced Carolyn Rainey), Kim Dillivan, David Glick (replaced Pat Willingham), Hamner Hill, Elaine Jackson, Walt Lilly, Cheryl Milde, Pat Willingham (Chair, Fall 2005)

The Faculty Compensation Committee met regularly to discuss compensation needs and priorities. Kim Dillivan was also a representative on the Benefits subcommittee and was able to contribute what was being discussed as it related to compensation.

The focus during the Spring semester 2006 was in preparation for the annual Budget Review Committee meetings. There were four meetings of the University Budget Review Committee. During a ‘pre-meeting' with the president, the faculty compensation committee presented a proposal that included a 2.5% salary increase, a $100 increase in professional development funding, a $50 increase to the Cafeteria Plan, $1000 chair summer stipend increase (promised last year), and post professorial merit funding. President Dobbins felt that the dollar increase could not be large enough to cover all of the requests and encouraged the committee to take another look at them. During the third meeting of the University Budget Review committee, the compensation groups presented their proposals.

President Dobbins called a special meeting of the compensation chairs and co-chairs to discuss what was possible at the final Budget Review Meeting on April 6, 2006. It was at that time that the president made it known that the off campus centers were losing less money than anticipated and that a 3% raise for all compensation groups was possible with the understanding that other requests would have to be put on hold.

At the final meeting, the faculty compensation group presented a united front for the 3% raise which was ultimately approved. All compensation groups were supportive of one another in getting the 3% raise. Also approved was a $500 increase to the Chairs' summer stipend and the post-professorial merit funding for professional development--which the president was supporting as well. The Board of Regents will meet on April 24, 2006 to approve the budget.