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Documents Committee

Documents Committee

During the beginning of the 41st Faculty Senate Year, three objectives were suggested for the Documents Committee:

  1. Establishing an online forum for the faculty;
  2. Reviewing and updating Chapters 1 and 8 of the Faculty Handbook; and
  3. Starting a Senate Library at the JFC.

The members of the Documents Committee met during the year to accomplish all of the above objectives. An online faculty forum was established in the fall of 2006 with the help of CSTL and the Office of the Provost. The purpose of the online forum is to facilitate communications and collaborations among faculty members. A number of discussion topics have been included in the areas of teaching, scholarship, administration (e.g., AQIP), and service. The link ( is accessible with SE key and password. The entry may be found in Southeast A-Z under B (Bulletin Board, Faculty Web Forum), under F (Faculty Web Forum, Bulletin Board), and under W (Web Forum, Faculty Bulletin Board). The link is also available at the Faculty Senate website.

The frequency of discussion components on the forum was tracked down after four months following the initial establishment. It was noted that only a few messages were posted with no significant interactions among the faculty. Further work is needed to enhance faculty discussions in the web forum.

The committee members worked diligently toward reconciliation of Chapters 1 and 8 of the Faculty Handbook. A resolution was passed regarding the changes in Chapter 8. Also, the faculty senate committee structure was proposed to be moved from Chapter 1 to Chapter 8 based on a bill/resolution, which was passed earlier and needs to be tracked down so that appropriate changes can be made in the handbook. Also, a revised section on GRFC guidelines/criteria was incorporated in the handbook as submitted by the GRFC committee.

Regarding starting a Senate Library at the JFC, the committee decided to keep hard copies of the Faculty Handbook and a log of changes in the Reference Section of the library as well as in the JFC office. The committee also suggested that we look into the Handbook carefully in the future and work on pagination issues along with online navigation concerns.