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Chair's Report

Chair's Report


Year End Report: The 43rd Faculty Senate

·Faculty Senate followed through on facilitating the implementation of the new Tenure and Promotion, Promotion and Post Professorial Merit Policyby providing a series of campus-wide briefing sessions, which answered questions for candidates and evaluators about policy and procedural changes; and developed a web-based Recommendation Form for evaluators, that aligns practice with new policy for use in December 2008 forward.

·In September 2008, the Consumer Information Bill 08-A-08 was signed by the president and passed by the Board of Regents. The Bill sets forth agreement on how data from students' ratings of class instructors will be managed; web posting will begin Fall 2009 from Spring 2009 data. Data gather has commenced and will be posted soon after the close the semester.

·I would like to commend all Faculty Senate Reporting and Legislative Committees for their many hours of creative thinking and writing to strengthen faculty voice and the academy. Additionally, I would like to thank President Dobbins, Provost Stephens, Vice Provost Janzow, the Faculty Senate Executive Committee, and meeting guests in and beyond the University community, who provided expertise to Faculty Senate so that committee work and Faculty Senate decisions would be well-informed and principled.

Missouri Association of Faculty Senates

SE's Faculty Senate sent representatives to the Missouri Association of Faculty Senates (MAFS) meetings in October and February. Chair Mary Elizabeth Ambery and MAFS President and Senator Mike Cobb attended in October. Senator's Mike Cobb, Stephanie Chamberlain, and Rick Althaus attended in February. Visits to the hill in February (Jefferson City) wereplanned, and Senators spoke to legislators, namely Clint Tracy, Scott Lipke, Gayle Kingery, and Jason Crowell. The impact of budget issues was discussed at both fall and spring meetings with particular attention to how institutions might brace for 15%-25% cuts, manage flat budgeting, and carefully allocate stimulus monies.

Faculty Senate Budget

Faculty Senate did not request a change to the budget. It should be noted that the provost paid for four Senators to attend the fall and the spring MAFS meetings. At this writing, it is anticipated that year-end carry forward to 2009-2010 will be in the range of $950.00 to $1100.00

Faculty Senate Website

Reports from all Faculty Senate Committees are posted on the faculty Senate website, including year-end reports. The Faculty Senate Website is regularly updated and provides timely news of Faculty Senate proceedings, including governance documents, meeting minutes, Resolutions and Bills. The site is maintained by Faculty Senate Administrative Assistant, Dana Glass, and can be accessed at If anyone has ideas for improving the website, please contact the 44th Faculty Senate Chair Stephanie Chamberlain at .

Respectfully submitted,

Chair Mary Elizabeth Ambery, PhD 2008-2009