Minutes - November 16, 2005

Minutes - November 16, 2005

Vol. XL, No. 8


November 16, 2005

The Faculty Senate of Southeast Missouri State University met on Wednesday, November 16, 2005, in the Party Room of the University Center. The following Senators were present; James Champine (Chair), Michael Cobb (Chair-Elect), David Smith (Membership Committee Chair), Rick Althaus, Mary Elizabeth Ambery, David Baird, Albie Sautter (Alternate), Kim Dillivan, Kathy Gilliland, Priscilla Hornby, Elaine Jackson, Daniel MacLeay, Jim McGill, Bruce Mims, Carolyn Rainey, David Reinheimer, Bonnie Stepenoff, Rebecca Summary, Haohao Wang, Pat Willingham, Xuesong Zhang, Martha Zlokovich, and Min Zou. Provost Stephens was also present.

Absent and not represented by their Alternates were; Ronald Clayton, Marc Fulgham, Arrick Jackson, Cheryl Milde, Jayanti Ray, and Marc Strauss.


Approval of minutes Vol. XL-07 was moved by Senator Elaine Jackson and seconded by Senator Gilliland. The motion carried.


Chair Champine announced that there will be a workshop offered by the Writing Center titled “Writing in the Disciplines” held on January 12 & 13, 2006. The deadline for enrolling is November 30, 2005. Senator Reinheimer commented that the workshop is very practical and has many useful tools for incorporating writing assignments in courses. He also advised the Senate that the workshop is a two-year commitment. The first year is for participation in the workshop and the second year, faculty serve as mentors for the new enrollees. The workshop is for UI100 and upper-division General Education classes.

Chair Champine announced the next meeting will be held December 7, 2005, and reminded Senators to mark their calendars for the Holiday Open House December 2, 2005, between 1:30-3:30. He also reminded Senators to RSVP to Paula and requested help with the set-up and clean-up process.

Chair Champine reported the Brown Bag luncheon was held November 9, 2005. The topic of discussion was student retention. Vice President Holt's task force on student success is in the stage of collecting ideas right now.

Chair Champine also reported that the Banner Task Force met last Friday. The meeting had to do with the Student Module and how advising will change as a result. Starting in February and March, First Step advising sessions will enroll through My Southeast Self-Service. Beginning in April registration for Fall 2006 will be through Banner. Therefore, all faculty members with advising responsibility will receive training in the Student Module by Spring break 2006. Those with First Step responsibility should get training the soonest. Dr. Champine informed Senate that one single training session will be required for the Banner Student Module – Navigation and Overview is not required. Dr. Champine addressed Senators' questions regarding Banner.


Provost Stephens reported that President Dobbins attended a meeting with the Coordinating Board for Higher Education pertaining to the Higher Education Centers and Three Rivers Community College. She reported that President Dobbins stated that he gave the rationale for Southeast Missouri State University's actions and believed that it was well received. Provost Stephens informed the Senate that, although unconfirmed, the President believes that the disassociation of Three Rivers Community College will be lasting and complete.

The second issue the Provost addressed was the possible cuts to the Higher Education budget at the state level. She informed the Senate that the response right now is to just wait and see what happens. The President does not want to make decisions based on a hypothesis. She assured the Senate that as she and the President come to know more facts they will keep the campus informed.

Senator Summary asked the Provost if the Three Rivers Community College issue has caused a decrease in transfer student numbers. The Provost replied that there has not been any decrease.

Senator MacLeay asked the Provost if there is a push from the Provost's office to collect transcripts from the faculty. The Provost assured the Senate that there is absolutely no agenda from the Provost's office. She indicated that recent requests for transcripts from some faculty members are probably a result of her staff collecting materials to assure that files are complete. The Provost did state that she would check with her staff concerning this issue.

Senator Zlokovich asked the Provost that if the issues with the Three Rivers Community College were resolved rather quickly, then would it result in a change in summer Faculty assignments. The Provost's answer was no. Senator Zlokovich posed the question about why some summer classes have been canceled. The Provost's response was that it was probably a department decision; however, she would check with Fred Janzow for confirmation.

The provost was asked about money for summer salary, and she stated that the amount and distribution among colleges has been unchanged over recent years and the distribution within the colleges is decided by the Deans.

Senator Althaus asked the Provost about the 15% budget cuts to the library periodicals budget. She explained that generally the library gets funding increases every year to support the library periodical holdings. However, the budget can't keep up with inflation. Therefore, the library has to ask departments if they are able to cancel any periodicals to free up money to cover the short-fall.


Student Government Liaison, Heather Valle, was absent from the meeting. She sent a report with Senator Mims to report to the Faculty Senate. In her report she informed the Senate that in the past week the Student Government (SG) passed several By-Law Amendments pertaining to their Funding Board Guidelines and Procedures. She also reported that one of the main projects of the Student Issues Committee is Judicial Affairs monitoring of Facebook. She went on to say that this project has become a very big concern for the SG. In response to that, the SG passed a resolution stating that announcements will be posted on the portal to encourage students to be careful of the pictures they post and the comments that are made and to even set up their Facebook page where only people they approve of will be able to access their page. She included her email address (hkvalle1s@semo.edu) and the Current Student Issues Chair's address (dhuxel1s@semo.edu) for any questions. Last, she concluded that the SG has begun to look at Common Hour and its usage or lack there of. She stated that the SG would like to set up a time for some of their Student Senators to meet with the Academic Affairs Committee pertaining to this topic.

Senator Zlokovich commented that her department was very glad to see the SG discussing Common Hour.


Membership Chair Dave Smith reported that the Membership Committee forwarded the names of four people from the Faculty At Large to serve as representatives on the AQIP Steering Committee to the President.

Academic Affairs
Chair Baird indicated Academic Affairs is in the discussion phase on the topic of Common Hour. They also discussed the Five-Year Calendar in reference to Fall Break. He indicated that they have received some reports back, and it's looking as though they will leave Fall Break as it is. However, that is unofficial. Chair Champine informed the Senate that the Academic Council meets every first Tuesday of the month at 3:00 pm.

Chair Willingham indicated the Committee has not met since the previous Senate meeting. She indicated they will probably put off meeting until more official information is available pertaining to budget cuts.

Documents Chair MacLeay reported that the Documents Committee has met. One of the items discussed was the procedures for handling revisions made to the Faculty Handbook. A few of the revisions they are discussing pertain to chapter one and chapter eight. He indicated that there was some question as to why chapter eight was an appendix. He also indicated that they are discussing implementing an electronic “bulletin board” forum for discussion of faculty issues. The discussion in part includes whether the identity of a commenter should be known or anonymous.

Senator MacLeay mentioned a problem with meeting times. He indicated he has had trouble getting everyone's schedule to coincide. Senator Althaus suggested publicizing a certain meeting time and making that part of the solicitation for participation in the future.

Provost Stephens commented on chapter eight being an appendix. She indicated that it was set up that way to allow changes to that section without having to get Board approval.

Chair Zlokovich indicated that the Governance Committee has not met since the last Senate meeting. She reported that she is scheduled to meet with Human Resources Director Jim Cook and Faculty Member Mary Johnson (an attorney) to discuss the proposed grievance policy.

Professional Affairs
Chair Mims reported that Professional Affairs met last Wednesday. He indicated that they discussed student evaluations and sabbatical leave policies. The Committee did make a decision to invite the Provost into their next meeting for further discussion on student evaluation instruction.

Senator Zlokovich indicated that her department has questions pertaining to the promotion and tenure section in the Faculty Handbook. She indicated that the wording is not clear as to the inclusion of generated materials and accomplishments during the years of tenure and/or promotion application. The Senate held discussion in agreement that the wording is unclear. Senator Mims said he would further examine the concern.


Chair Champine indicated that there have been five Senators turn their name in to be considered for representing the Senate on the AQIP Steering Committee. Chair Champine explained his proposal for the election procedure. The Senate approved of the procedure.

Election of Senators as nominees for representation on the AQIP Steering Committee was held. The following four Senators were chosen: Rick Althaus, David Reinheimer, Carolyn Rainey, and Haohao Wang.


There was no new business considered.


The motion to adjourn (McGill/Dillivan) was recognized and approved at 5:00 p.m.

The next Faculty Senate Meeting will be December 7 in the University Center Party Room at 3:00 PM.

Approved December 07, 2005