Minutes - October 19, 2011

Minutes - October 19, 2011

XLVI, No. 6


October 19, 2011

The Faculty Senate of Southeast Missouri State University met on Wednesday, October 19, 2011, in the Kem Statuary Hall, Alumni Center. The following Senators were present: Kevin Dickson (Chair), Janice Ward (Chair-Elect), Diane Wood (Membership Chair) Rick Althaus, Larry Bohannon, Stephanie Chamberlain, Brandon Christensen, Eric Clements, Debra Lee-DiStefano, Don Jung, Ziping Liu, Phil Nacy, Tiffany Parker, David Powell, Willie Redmond, Joyce Renaud, Desma Reno, Claudia Ruediger, Sophia Scott, Seidu Sofo, Carol Veneziano, Julie Weathers, Victor Wilburn, and Chris Wubbena. Alternates representing their departments were: Brooke Clubb, Jai N. Dahiya, Shawn Guiling, Rachel Morgan Theall, and Jill Young. Provost Ronald Rosati and Student Government Liaison Rebecca Masur were also in attendance. Senators not in attendance or represented by an alternate were: Candide Walton.

Guests: Bill Eddleman


The minutes from September 7, (46.3) were approved.


Bill Eddleman-Passed out a handout on with an updated on the Southeast in the Year 2020 committee. He stated that the committee has been broken up into subcommittees with a Steering Committee Co-Chair member for each subcommittee and in some cases sub-subcommittees to act as a task force for reporting and making recommendations on each of the topics that each committee was assigned. For further information on the committees, membership, and updates you may visit the website: http://www.semo.edu/president/southeastin2020/index.htm. There is still ample time to provide input. They will be hosting a brown bag lunch session during common hour on November 30, 2011 to inform the campus community and allow for further input.


Senator Lee-DiStefano introduced two bills on Research Funds (Faculty Handbook 3.D.2). She stated that this section was revised in 2007, therefore just a few minor changes are being recommended by the Compensation Committee. This is primarily to remove the section on graduate faculty research since this source of funding no longer exists. During discussion, minor changes in wording were recommended and will be incorporated into the bills for future Senate meetings. This bill will be brought back to the November 2, 2011 meeting.


Chair Dickson stated that he, Senator Ward and Senator Chamberlain, who is Chair of the Missouri Association of Faculty Senates went to the Fall meeting. It was reported that members of the Missouri Department of Higher Education (MDHE) presented good information and answered questions about performance-based funding for higher education in the state of Missouri. MDHE and Governor Nixon desire to provide funding for Higher Education. Also Chair Dickson stated that by listening to the reports from other Senate Chairs of other Universities it was apparent that they were facing some of the same issues that we are. Senator Ward stated that Dr. Russell of MDHE talked about the need to improve and update teacher education. He was going to meet with Deans about preparation and quality and a culture makeover in that area.


Provost Rosati started with the handout that was e-mailed to everyone. He reported on the items included in the handouts. This included a couple of articles that he wanted the Senate to see to give them an indication of some of the reading being done at the executive level that are affecting their thinking for issues on 2020. He also included another article about Learning Management Systems (LMS), and he reported that evaluation of the LMS at Southeast Missouri State is ongoing. A committee of faculty and administrators is learning about LMS options. A third article was about low cost education options that are changing the landscape of higher education. The Board of Regents agenda will include the motion to move the Department of Computer Science from the College of Science and Mathematics to the School of Polytechnic Studies and also will recommend that the School of Polytechnic Studies be changed to the College of Polytechnic and Agricultural Studies. He also included a summary of the statewide status for collaborations between Southeast and other Universities. Another Board of Regents motion will add a new minor in Industrial and Engineering Technology Entrepreneurship. He updated the Senate on the status of the Dean and Department Chair searches, and reported on the ongoing anticipated faculty searches. He also included a current listing of Winter Intersession courses.


Student Government Liaison Rebecca Masur reported that they were just receiving requests for funding from student organizations.


Compensation – Senator Lee-Distefano reported that Chair Dickson attended their last meeting and answered questions relating to issues the committee is discussing. Her committee approved the Research Funds Policy and Procedure bills that were presented today. They are continuing to work on Faculty Handbook sections and hope to have something else before they begin working with the Budget Review Committee.

Documents – Senator Wilburn had no new information to report.

Governance – Senator Nacy reported that the committee met last week and continued their discussion on voting and non-voting members of college councils and the role of the Deans. They will probably have something in bill form for the next meeting.

Professional Affairs – Senator Althaus reported that subcommittees continue to work on their sections of the handbook. There will be some emerita/emeritus bills along with the Partisan and Political Activity Policy and Procedures brought back to future Senate meetings.

Academic Affairs – Senator Jung reported that his committee is still working on assigned sections of the Faculty Handbook and is meeting with Sandy Hinkle, the Registrar, next Wednesday to continue work on the updated five-year calendar.

Membership – Senator Wood reported success in filling vacancies on committees.


Adjourned at 4:41 p.m.

The next Faculty Senate Meeting will be held November 2, 2011 at 3:00 pm in the Kem Statuary Hall, in the Alumni Center.