Minutes - September 7, 2005

Minutes - September 7, 2005

Vol. XL, No. 4


September 7, 2005

The Faculty Senate of Southeast Missouri State University met on Wednesday, September 7, 2005, in Room 125 Crisp Hall. The following Senators were present; James Champine (Chair), Michael Cobb (Chair Elect), David Smith (Membership Committee Chair), Rick Althaus, Mary Elizabeth Ambery, David Baird, Mary Ann DeLine, Kim Dillivan, Priscilla Hornby, Arrick Jackson, Elaine Jackson, Daniel MacLeay, Jim McGill, Cheryl Milde, Bruce Mims, Carolyn Rainey, David Reinheimer, Jayanti Ray, Rebecca Summary, Haohao Wang, David Glick (for Pat Willingham), Xuesong Zhang, Martha Zlokovich, and Tashin Khalid. Provost Jane Stephens was present as Administrative Liaison.

Also in attendance were numerous guests. The following Deans were present: Martin Jones, Chris McGowan, Sarah Cron, Loretta Prater, Gil McDougall, Dave Starrett, and Irene Ferguson. The following department chairs were present: Ken Surendran, Wes Mueller, Bill Eddleman, Dave Probst, James Ermatinger, Joe Pujol, Richard Burns, Philip Crawford, Judy Wiles, and Victor H. Gummersheimer. Additional Guests included Art Wallhausen, Dennis Holt, Ivy Locke, Don Kaverman, Fred Janzow, Stuart Towns, Pat Reagan, Gary Miller, Leon Book, Gloria Green, Sandy Hinkle, Bob Herring, Mike Readnour, Craig W. Roberts, and Scott Meyer. Student Government President Adam Hanna was also in attendance.

Absent and not represented by their Alternates were; Marc Fulgham, Kathy Gilliland, Bonnie Stepenoff, and Marc Strauss.


Approval of minutes Vol. XL-03 was deferred until September 21.


The Senators and guests took a moment and introduced themselves.


The Chair reported that he and Chair-elect Cobb had attended several meetings over the summer including the Council of Deans and Administrative Council. Also the Faculty Senate Executive Committee had met with the Provost and President. He chose to focus on one meeting that involved the most University plans of interest to the faculty – the Chairs' and Deans' Retreat. His report included information on the following initiatives:

* The use of Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP) as an alternative means of NCA accreditation was discussed. AQIP would include an “Institutional Self - Assessment using Examiner Survey” – a survey all faculty members would respond to. He cited notes from Fred Janzow that the AQIP will be more driven by “broad involvement of campus constituencies” rather than “administratively driven.”
* Information Commons Concept – He reported a plan to transform Library space into a technology and group work space as it was discussed by Dean Cron at the retreat. She will be seeking faculty input as to technologies and projects used in courses to help design and outfit the space. Chair Champine offered the help of the Senate in collecting the information from faculty.
* He reported that Southeast Online has a new director, Michelle Kilburn. Dr. Kilburn's office is housed in the CSTL complex. Chair Champine suggested senators visit southeastonline.semo.edu for the vision plan and mission statement.
* An update on the Area Higher Education Centers given by Dean Randy Shaw at the retreat indicated 13 new full-time faculty lines will be created. They would begin teaching in Fall 2006 and be hired through normal procedures at the departmental level.
* Senator Champine reported the Transitions Initiative was discussed at the retreat. Leon Book introduced Scott Sattler who will be heading the workforce development end of the program. It was reported that a few of the chairs had similar reservations about the CL003 and 004 requirements that were expressed by the Senate in the past spring. At the convocation the President included comments on how the program will help those going to professional and graduate school. Chair Champine reported having met with Keri Young -- the experiential learning coordinator-- and he was very impressed and hopeful that she could help bring new opportunities to students.

The chair also reported on several other items, including plans for Senate activities for the upcoming year.

* He reported that the Johnson Faculty Centre would be undergoing a substantial “makeover.” The upstairs suites are to be renovated, and therefore will not be available from September 13 to October 12. Other areas of the house will not be affected. The renovations will be paid for by the University Foundation.
* There will be a review and distribution of the results of the Higher Education Research Institute Faculty Satisfaction Survey. The report consists of a series of documents and includes a recently received an electronic copy from Pat Ryan which may be more suitable for distribution or posting. He reported additional reports comparing our results with peer institutions will also be ordered. Skip Smith has agreed to help summarize and interpret the results.
* Dr. Teresa Wildman has asked us to update the Faculty Handbook resulting from the change of the Office of Sponsored programs to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.
* A salary study was done relative to compression by Dr. Christina Frazier in the Provost's office. Chair Champine thanked the administration for agreeing to allow Dr. Frazier to conduct the study. Dr. Frazier will work with the Compensation Committee to interpret the results and discuss possible means of remedying compression for a number of full professors.
* Chair Champine described the numerous items that will be addressed by the Professional Affairs Committee. Principally, he reported they must consider legislation relative to the Faculty Responsibility section of the Handbook regarding Student Evaluation of Teaching. He cited hard work done by the members of that committee meeting with the Provost, CSTL, and Student Government, and receiving input from over 300 faculty members via a survey. Unfortunately, Bill 05-A-04 was returned by the President because it lacked the requirement for a nationally-normed instrument as mandated by the Board. Chair Champine said that the committee has a very serious responsibility to protect and promote the careers of faculty members while at the same time encouraging excellent teaching. The student evaluation of teaching policy will be one of the most important items on the senate agenda this fall.
* He described continuing work on filling the administrative assistant position for the senate. Three candidates had been identified for interviews. A goal of the Senate is to meet all obligations for timely reporting of minutes and bills, etc. He expressed hope that the Senate would be operating at high efficiency soon. He promised to report to the senate in the next few months on progress towards meeting the recommendations of the Faculty Senate review from 2003. This would include performance measures by the Senate, as well as commitments to shared governance and support by the administration.


The Provost had no report.


Heather Valle had no report.


James Ermatinger asked about availability of Faculty Senate minutes. Chair Champine described that minutes are posted on the Faculty Senate Webpage, and frequently there will be e-mail via the Faculty Senate Newsletter alerting them of postings.


Senators and the guests took 15 minutes to enjoy refreshments and cookies in the hallway outside 125 Crisp Hall. Thanks were given to retired Senate secretary Paula Cunningham for the excellent baked goods.


Academic Affairs
Senator Baird said his committee would be working on the 5-year calendar, the info commons concept, and changes to the Graduation with Academic Distinction within the Department policy and procedures.

Senator Pat Willingham was not able to attend, but sent an e-mail with the following intentions. The major focus for Compensation this year will be a salary study. Other issues of concern are benefits and programs that need to be re-examined in light of the steady and severe erosion of their value as fixed-dollar items. These include professional development funding and the life insurance benefit. She asked that if there is anything else the Senate thinks we should be looking at; if so please pass that on to her.

Chair MacLeay reported the following items on his committee's agenda:

1. The Committee has a request for changes to the Handbook from the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs;
2. The Committee will follow up on the status of the Faculty Handbook;
3. The Committee will consider the status of the Faculty Senate Archives in consultation with the Archivist;
4. The Committee will attempt to summarize procedures for use by future Senates.

Senator MacLeay said he was planning to call a meeting of the committee for next week if possible.

Senator Zlokovich reported that the main focus of the Governance Committee will be to finalize the proposed grievance procedure and present it to Faculty Senate for inclusion in the Faculty Handbook. Part of this will involve finding a way for Faculty Senate
to hire a lawyer to look over the document. Chair Champine related that he would look into this relative to the Senate budget.

Committee Chair Skip Smith said that his committee will continue to fill vacant spots on reporting committees. He also mentioned he would work on the HERI Faculty Satisfaction Survey.

Professional Affairs
Senator Mims listed several items to be considered including the Sabbatical Leave policy, the Student Evaluation of Teaching policy, the Promotion and Tenure timeline, and recommendations for emeritus status as they occur.


Chair Champine suggested the Senate participate in fund-raising efforts for victims of Hurricane Katrina. He reported that he had talked to Misty Clifton of Human Resources, and faculty could arrange for payroll deduction.

This prompted a discussion of a number of topics related to crisis in Louisiana and Mississippi. First there were questions about the University's preparedness in case of such an emergency including the back-up of student records for example. Provost Stephens briefly outlined some on-going activities, and Senator Zhang indicated that he knew of effective computer back-up practices. Second, there was discussion of efforts relative to the affected schools in the region. The Provost confirmed there were seven displaced students currently enrolled at Southeast. Third, Senators reported on other avenues of giving that they had pursued. Senator Milde reported that the College of Education had already carried out fund-raising.

Senator Zlokovich asked what legislative action need be taken. Senator Althaus indicated there was no need for a bill, resolution, or vote. Chair Champine indicated that in the absence of objections he would pursue a plan to solicit faculty via the Faculty Senate listserve to make contributions to the American Red Cross.


The Senate moved to executive session to consider a bill and have a discussion.

A motion to approve Bill 05-A-05 granting emeritus status for four faculty members was put forward by Senator Mims (Reinheimer seconded). As a service, parliamentarian Althaus described the process and benefits related to emeritus status. The question was called by Senator Smith, and the bill was approved.

The Senate spent several minutes discussing the President's response to bill 05-A-04.


The motion to adjourn was recognized and approved at 5:00 p.m.

Approved September 21, 2005