Minutes - February 18, 2004

Minutes - February 18, 2004

Approved by the Faculty Senate March 3, 2004Vol. XXXVIII, No. 12Page 1 of 4


February 18, 2004

The Faculty Senate of Southeast Missouri State University met on Wednesday, February 18, 2004, in the Missouriana Room of the University Center. The following Senators were present: Paul Lloyd (presiding), Susan Swartwout, Rusty Curtis, Rick Althaus, Warren Anderson, David Bibb, Janice Chadha, James Champine, Michael Cobb, Daniel Dunavan, Roy Farris, Craig Elder, Bruce Hathaway, Linda Heitman, Arrick Jackson, Ted Loso, Anne Marietta, Bruce Mims, David Naugler, James Ricks, Craig Roberts, Nicholas Tibbs, and Mohan Tikoo.

Non-voting Senate Representative Michael Best from the Department of Agriculture, Student Government Liaison Ryan Kloeppel, Dr. David Starrett, Dr. Steven Hoffman, Dr. Kathleen Conway, and Senate Secretary Paula Cunningham were present.

Absent, and not represented by their Alternates, were Ronald Clayton, Kathy Gilliland, Al Hayward, Cheryl Milde, Terry Sutton, Larry Underberg, and Min Zou.


The Minutes of February 4, 2004 (Vol. XXXVIII, No. 11), were approved with editorial changes.


Chair Lloyd reported on the following items:

The Administrative Council spent considerable time discussing a possible name change for the University.
Chair Lloyd, Chair-Elect Swartwout, and Senator Curtis met with the Athletics Committee. A project has been launched called Academics First with a goal of publicizing the positive linkages between academics and athletics. For example, at the Senior Night Basketball game on February 21, the senior players will invite faculty members to present their plaques. Additional faculty notables will be announced during the game. Chair Lloyd believes the budget situation has caused the greatest friction between academics and athletics, and that faculty-student interactions are positive for both student-athletes and the student body as a whole.
Chair Lloyd attended the Scholar Athlete Luncheon. He reported that 52% of the athletes have a grade point average of 3.0 or better.
The Budget Review Committee completed its marathon meeting. A summary of the meeting was sent out on the Faculty Senate Listserv. Chair Lloyd attended the Student Minorities Career Night Banquet.

Mission Statement

Dr. Swartwout distributed copies of the proposed Mission Statement that was prepared by the University Planning Committee. Chair Lloyd, Chair-Elect Swartwout, and Senators Curtis, Bibb, and Tikoo are members of the committee.

Since the University will have a narrowed focus, the current Mission Statement needs to be revised to reflect that focus. Several senators expressed concern about the term “professional education” being emphasized in the opening sentence of the Statement. Chair-Elect Swartwout reported this stems from the Provost's desire for the University to be known for some aspect of education similar to Truman State University being “Missouri's public liberal arts university” and Southwest Missouri State University being “Missouri's public affairs university.” She also noted that a web search of the term “professional education” invariably gave search results for technical and vocational schools, rather than colleges and universities, and separated graduate schools from professional schools.

Chair-Elect Swartwout and Senators Tibbs and Marietta agreed to work on revisions to the proposed Mission Statement during the break.


Provost Stephens was in Jefferson City.


Dr. Ivy Locke, Vice President for Business and Finance, presented to Student Government the outlook for the FY05 budget. She reported that there will be an across-the-board increase of $10 per credit hour for resident and non-resident undergraduate and graduate students. This increase will be partially offset by dropping the $6 per credit hour surcharge that had been assessed the past two years. Barring any further reductions in funding, the net increase to students will be $4 per credit hour.

A by-law was passed by Student Government assigning new duties to the Elections Committee, which include organizing a presidential debate and choosing a suitable moderator when there is a contested election for Student Government President. Such a debate will give students a chance to interact with the candidates and compare their stances on campus and student issues.

On February 12, the Athletics Booster Club approved a recommendation to change the University's athletic team name from Indians and Otahkians. President Dobbins is forming a committee to study the issue.

"Storm the Capitol" was held on February 18. It was mistakenly reported that 50 Southeast students attended the event. After speaking to President Adam Schaefer, the Student Government Liaison Ryan Kloeppel contacted Chair Lloyd to report that the actual number of Southeast students attending the event was 27.


Academic Affairs

Senator Tikoo, chair of the committee, reported that the committee met on February 11, 2004, and discussed Grade Inflation, Undergraduates Graduating with Distinction, and the Calendar.

Senator Roberts also mentioned that the issue concerning the five-year calendar is the Spring 2008 semester in which Spring Break is moved back one week so that it does not conflict with the University's Designated Holiday. President Dobbins wants the Spring 2008 semester to be revisited, as well as a reconsideration of the appropriateness of the Designated Holiday at a public university.


Center for Scholarship In Teaching & Learning

Chair Lloyd welcomed Dr. David Starrett, Director of the Center for Scholarship in Teaching and Learning, and Teaching Associates Drs. Steven Hoffman, Kathleen Conway and Melissa Muth. Dr. Starrett explained that the Teaching Associates are an advisory body to the Center for Scholarship in Teaching and Learning. Dr. Hoffman distributed a document entitled “The Teacher-Scholar Model at Southeast,” which aims to explicitly define a service component for Boyer's Teacher-Scholar Model. Dr. Hoffman's presentation emphasized that service should be closely tied to one's scholarly discipline.

Senator Roberts read a paragraph from the Senate minutes of February 4, 2004, in which he interpreted the Provost's comments as suggesting a greater value will be given to service such as that of being a Faculty Senator. Drs. Starrett and Hoffman replied that it is not the intent of the Teaching Associates or the proposed model to interpret service in that fashion.

Mission Statement (continued)

During the break, Chair-Elect Swartwout and Senators Tibbs, Marietta and Curtis made revisions to the University's proposed Mission Statement. When the Senate reconvened, Senator Tibbs moved and Senator Loso seconded a motion to suspend the rules to discuss the revisions. The motion passed. The major changes use the phrase “education in professions” rather than “professional education,” explicitly mentions scholarship, and eliminate Priority #6 – “Practice wise stewardship of the University's resources.”

Senator Swartwout moved and Senator Tibbs seconded a motion to approve the revisions. The motion passed. The approved revisions will be linked to the Faculty Senate web page.


Senator Roberts, chair of the committee, reported that the committee met on February 11 and discussed the Tenure and Promotion Policies. After the discussion, it appears that the issue regarding the lack of agreement between the policies and established practices is not focused on a particular college or dean but is reflected throughout the University. Thus, in order to accurately mentor faculty in light of the current University promotion and tenure practices, a chair or dean may need to encourage a faculty member to satisfy additional criteria that may not be specifically required for promotion or tenure in the departmental criteria.


Senator Tibbs, chair of the Committee, reported that the proposed 2.5% raise and $750 one-time payment has been lowered to 2% and $500, respectively. The final numbers will depend on the actions of Missouri's General Assembly.

Emeritus Faculty (Executive Session)

Senator Althaus, chair of the Professional Affairs Committee, moved that Dr. James Hays of the Computer Science Department be granted emeritus faculty status. Senator Farris seconded the motion. The motion passed.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:00 p.m.

The next Faculty Senate meeting will be Wednesday, March 3, 2004, in the Missouriana Room of the University Center.