Minutes - February 6, 2008

Minutes - February 6, 2008

XLII, No. 12


February 06, 2008

The Faculty Senate of Southeast Missouri State University met on Wednesday, February 06, 2008, in the University Center Party Room.The following Senators were present: Martha Zlokovich (Chair), Rick Althaus, Carl Pracht (Alternate), David Briggs, Stephanie Chamberlain, Michael Cobb, Kim Dillivan, Marc Fulgham, Priscilla Hornby, Elaine Jackson, Gabriele Eckart (Alternate), Jayanti Ray, Willie Redmond, Albie Sautter, Sophia Scott, Seidu Sofo, Marc Strauss, Alan Journet (Alternate), Larry Underberg, Carol Veneziano, Haohao Wang, Janice Ward, Jill Young, and Xuesong Zhang.Min Zou represented Elementary, Early, & Special Education and Rachel Morgan Theall represented the Department of Chemistry.Larry Underberg arrived at 3:30 PM and Alternate James Ricks arrived at 4:00 PM.Administrative Liaison Fred Janzow and Student Government Liaison Mark Wilhelm were also in attendance.

Absent and not represented by their alternates were Mary Elizabeth Ambery and Benjie Heu.


Approval of minutes Volume XLII-11 was moved by Senator Strauss and seconded by Senator Ray.The minutes were approved.


Chair Zlokovich reported that Chair-Elect Ambery and Membership Chair Jim McGill were unable to attend.Chair Zlokovich indicated that when neither the senator nor the alternate are able to attend the department may chose someone to represent them at Senate.Chair Zlokovich asked that when this happens to please notify her or the administrative assistant, because with prior notice, this person may vote for the department.Chair Zlokovich reported that Alan Journet would be standing in for Senator Swatzell for the remainder of the semester.She indicated that Senator Swatzell expressed an interest in staying involved in the Faculty Senate and did not wish to resign, but will be unable to attend the meetings due to a family illness.

Chair Zlokovich reported that she, Senator Cobb, and Senator Althaus attended the Missouri Association of Faculty Senates (MAFS) meeting February 4 and 5.She and Senator Cobb attended the MAFS meeting on the fifth while Senator Althaus visited State Representatives on the Hill.Chair Zlokovich reported that the MAFS meeting was shortened due to inclement weather.She indicated that they did discuss where campuses are at as far as implementing SB389.Most campuses are in the same position as Southeast MO State University.Many campuses are putting together committees comprised of faculty and students to finalize what questions will be used to meet the SB389 requirement that student evaluations of instruction be posted.

Chair Zlokovich reported that they also discussed the Emily Brooker Bill as it relates to Intellectual Diversity and Academic Freedom.Senator Cobb indicated that he believed it would be a catastrophe if the Bill passed.Chair Zlokovich indicated that she believed it is worth calling state representatives to express our views.

Chair Zlokovich reported that MAFS passed a resolution that recommends universities support their individual Faculty Senates financially, and by offering release time.The resolution is available on the MAFS website for viewing.Chair Zlokovich indicated that Provost Stephens had been very supportive in making sure the Senate Chair and Chair-Elect get release time, but she suggests that the release time be included in the Faculty Handbook to ensure future support from following provosts, and clarity for faculty and department chairs.Chair Zlokovich indicated that there will be a survey issued of Senate Chairs that will evaluate how Faculty Senates are run across the State.

Chair Zlokovich reported that at the Deans Council meeting this morning, the Deans and the Provost agreed that the Promotion and Tenure Bill was well written.Dr. Zlokovich thanked Professional Affairs for putting so much time into creating a quality bill.Chair Zlokovich indicated that the Faculty Senate needs to be able to send the bill forward to the President no later than the last Faculty Senate meeting, which will be held April 30, 2008.She indicated that there may be a need to have additional special called meetings to be able to have the bill ready to send forward by then.She indicated that today will be the first reading of the bill.She asked Senators to take the bill back to their constituents and be ready for serious discussion concerning the bill at the next Faculty Senate meeting.


Administrative Liaison, Fred Janzow, indicated that the Promotion and Tenure Bill was a well written document.He indicated that this was the single most important policy on the campus has because the faculty are the core of the University.He reported that the Deans Council is scheduled to have a special meeting next Wednesday dedicated solely to discussing the document.

Dr. Janzow reported on the Curriculum Alignment Initiative.He suggested faculty look at the Missouri Department of Higher Education (MDHE) website to review the entry-level and exit-level competencies.The entry-level competencies are closed to public comments, but the exit-level competencies are still open.The MDHE website is http://www.dhe.mo.gov/.

Dr. Janzow reported that the all-day Strategic Planning meeting is scheduled for February 18.


Student Government Liaison, Mark Wilhelm, reported that Student Government (SG) is continuing to work on the dance marathon.The event is to benefit young children and is scheduled for next Saturday.

Mr. Wilhelm reported that SG is also working on changing their logo and has passed legislation showing their support for the new residence halls.He reported that SG is pleased to see faculty eating at Towers.The SG believes this helps build camaraderie between students and faculty.The SG is sending students to Springfield next week to support President Dobbins.


Academic Affairs

Senator Cobb, Chair of Academic Affairs, reported that the Committee will begin drafting a policy on Consumer Information.


Senator Ward, Chair of the Documents Committee, reported that the Committee had not met since break.When they meet they will be looking at the issue relating to IT tech support for emeritus faculty.


Senator Fulgham reported that the Faculty Senate survey is out.Chair Zlokovich asked the Senate if they had any trouble accessing the survey.Several indicated that they were having trouble.Chair Zlokovich indicated that she understood the survey could be accessed from the exchange server from one email, but not from an earlier email with a slightly different website address.Senator Scott indicated that she would contact Dr. Wu about the trouble.Anyone else having trouble can contact Dr. Wu as well.

Senator Fulgham reported that the Governance Committee is continuing to collect information on collective bargaining.


Senator Dillivan, Chair of the Compensation Committee, reported that the Committee had not met yet.He indicated that he is a little hesitant to meet just yet because they have not collected all the information they need to proceed.He indicated that he will contact the Committee to see if they feel they have enough information collected to warrant a meeting.

Professional Affairs

Senator Althaus, Chair of Professional Affairs, reported that the Committee met several times over break and has drafted a bill on promotion and tenure.He indicated that he would submit a report with Dana on the various meetings that took place.Senator Althaus reported that the bill was submitted electronically to the Senators for review.Senator Althaus suggested individual editing and grammatical errors be sent to him electronically.He indicated that he would like the Senate to be able to discuss “principle” at the next meeting and not so much grammar and wording.Senator Althaus walked through the briefing document to identify what's new in the policy (Attachment A).


Senator Ward reported that President Dobbins returned their last bill concerning deleting obsolete language from the Faculty Handbook.President Dobbins indicated that while he agreed that the change is needed, the change does not require a bill.Senator Althaus indicated that he would contact the President and review the procedures for when a bill is required and when only a change order is required, and try to get some clarification.


Senator Sautter reported that Mary Harriet Talbut asked her if the Faculty Senate was aware that the Show Me Days were moved to the hallways of the Show Me Center last Saturday, in order to accommodate the Optimist Plus (First Step) Youth Basketball. She noted that everyone was very crowded and thatthe faculty were not able to talk to nearly as many prospective students as in the past.She believed that the Optimistgroup should have been placed at the South Rec Center and that the faculty should object to having something as important to the University as the Show Me Dayactivities preempted by a communitygroup.

The Senate moved to executive session.

Senator Althaus made a motion to approve a bill seconded by Senator Redmond to grant emeritus status to Patricia Karathanos.The motion passed unanimously.


The motion to adjourn (Scott/Ricks) was recognized and approved at 5:00 p.m.

The next Faculty Senate Meeting will be February 20, 2008, in the University Center Party Room at 3:00 p.m.

Approved February 20, 2008

(Attachment A)

2008 Omnibus Tenure and Promotion Policy Bill

briefing prepared by the

Professional Affairs Committee

The Committee was charged with recommending revisions to the existing PromotionPolicy and Tenure Policy that would address multiple issues that had surfaced over recent years.In addition, the Committee was asked to explore the possibility of combining, in some manner, at least some of the promotion and tenure procedures. The bill being recommended to the Senate is approximately twenty pages long, so it is appropriate for the Committee to provide this summary of the significant ways in which this policy would differ, if enacted, from existing policy.

Combining Tenure and Promotion:

Upon being promoted to Associate Professor, a faculty member would automatically receive tenure.Any faculty member denied promotion to Associate Professor in the final year of the probationary period would also be denied tenure.Any faculty member hired in at the Associate Professor level or above would also receive tenure upon appointment.

Decreasing the Probationary Period for Tenure:

An Assistant Professor may apply for promotion/tenure in either the fifth or sixth year.An applicant who is unsuccessful in the fifth year may apply again in the sixth.

Increasing the Time in Rank at Assistant Professor:

This will require a typical faculty member to serve five or six years before applying for Associate Professor, as opposed to four years under current policy.

Revision of the Calendar:

There is only one calendar, and some of the later dates have been adjusted to facilitate the process.

Revision of the Promotion Procedures:

The procedures would provide the applicant more information from the committees and administrators making recommendations, and the opportunity to meet with those entities and insert into the dossier a written response to a negative recommendation, if desired.

Revision of the Criteria Approval Process:

The approval process would be streamlined and clarified.

Revised Role of the University Committee:

The University Committee will continue to be the final faculty committee evaluating departmental criteria.The Committee will no longer evaluate all dossiers, but will serve as an appellate body for a faculty member receiving negative recommendations at lower levels.This function is consistent with the existing Tenure Policy.

Revised Selection and Composition of the University Committee:

Members of the Committee will be elected by their respective colleges or similar unit.The Committee will consist of one member per unit.

Clarification of Academic Rank for Administrators:

Administrators must have an official affiliation with an academic department and must meet departmental criteria in order to be hired with rank, or rank and tenure.

Clarification of Hiring Faculty at Advanced Rank:

A faculty member must have an official affiliation with an academic department and must meet departmental criteria in order to be hired with rank, or rank and tenure.

Salary Adjustments for Promotion:

The defined salary increases for promotion from the Merit Pay Policy have been moved to this bill, adjusted for inflation, and are required to be adjusted for inflation in subsequent years.

Post-Professorial Recognition:

The criteria, processes, and salary increases from the Merit Pay Policy have been moved to this bill.Department criteria may provide for changing focus for those faculty members eligible to apply for Post-Professorial Recognition.

Other Changes:

Faculty with Non-Teaching Responsibilities:

In the case of a faculty member with no classroom teaching responsibilities (e.g.:museum director, coordinator of student teaching, etc.), that person will have an affiliation with an academic department, and that department would be responsible for developing appropriate criteria for that position.

The Application Dossier:

The bill would clarify the period to be covered by an applicant's dossier.It would also prohibit any person or entity from adding anything to the dossier except certain authorized documents.It would also stipulate that any manuscript formally accepted for publication be considered a publication.

Composition of the Promotion and Tenure Advisory Committees:

The bill would prohibit anyone from serving on a committee at more than one level.

Treatment of Student Evaluation Data:

Consistent with existing Student Evaluation of Instruction Policy, the bill prohibits a faculty member from being required to submit student evaluation data.The bill would charge the Faculty Senate with developing and maintaining guidelines for the use of student evaluation data, where it is voluntarily included in a dossier.

2008 Merit Pay Policy Bill

briefing prepared by the

Professional Affairs Committee

The Committee was charged with recommending action to take in light of the imminent expiration of the Merit PayPolicy. Because of the many interrelationships between the existing Merit PayPolicy, PromotionPolicy, and Tenure Policy, the Committee is recommending that some provisions from the existing Merit PayPolicy be moved to the new Tenure and Promotion Policy (see above).The Committee is also recommending a separate Merit PayPolicy bill. This summary explains the significant ways in which this policy would differ, if enacted, from existing policy.

Post-Professorial Recognition:

Provisions regarding Post-Professorial Recognition have been moved to the Tenure and Promotion Policy.

Annual Performance Criteria:

The bill retains and clarifies the provisions requiring departments to develop criteria defining minimum satisfactory performance.As under existing policy, these criteria could be different for those on tenure-track and non-tenure track contracts.

Compensation for Satisfactory Performance:

The bill retains a salary increase for those faculty members determined to have performed satisfactorily for the previous year.The salary increase is required to be adjusted for inflation.

Non-Tenure Track Faculty Recognition:

Existing policy provides for NTT faculty to be eligible for an extra increase in salary after five years.The bill reduces the period to four years, and clarifies that the increase is based on criteria that are more demanding than the criteria for annual minimum satisfactory performance.The increase has been adjusted for inflation, and is required to be adjusted for inflation in subsequent years.