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Teacher Candidate Lesson Planning Expectations:

Teacher candidates should present the MT with all lesson plans for the forthcoming week each Wednesday prior to the week the plans will be implemented for approval. This will allow for review and approval by the mentor teacher. This is for all lessons, not just those being officially observed. Once the plans are approved by the MT, the teacher candidate will then send an electronic copy of the lesson plans to the university supervisor no later than the Friday prior to the implementation of the plans at 11:59 p.m. This practice will continue until the MT and university supervisor agree the teacher candidate has demonstrated a level of competence without a negative impact on the quality of instruction in the classroom. At this point in time, a short daily lesson planning template, located at, can be utilized. The shorter daily lesson plan will also be turned in each Wednesday prior to the week the plans will be implemented for approval by the MT and to the university supervisor the Friday before implementation by 11:59 p.m. Failure to comply with lesson plan expectations will negatively impact your student teaching grade.

Daily Lesson Plans - Short Form
Lesson Plan


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