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Dr. Seong Nam Hwang's research interests broadly lie in the area of the application of geospatial technologies to emergency/disaster management including risk analysis, risk perception, hazard mitigation and adjustment, and risk policy. In general, Dr. Hwang approaches research topics with a range of empirical methods in nature and some geospatial technologies (e.g., Geographic Information Systems).


Guoqiang, S., & Seong, N. H. (2019). Spatial-temporal snapshots of global natural disaster impacts Revealed from EM-DAT for 1900–2015. Geomat Nat Haz Risk 10 (1): 912–934.

Shen, G., & Hwang, S. N. (2018). Revealing global hot spots of technological disasters: 1900–2013. Journal of Risk Research, 21(3), 361-393.

Hwang, S. N., & Lee, S. W. (2017). Does Environmental Risk Affect Human Migration Behavior?. Journal of Geographic Information System, 9(4), 493-504.


Fundamentals of Disaster/Emergency Management, Vulnerability and Risk Reduction, Disaster/Emergency Planning and Response, Fundamental Risk Communication, GIS Planning for Emergency Management, Application of GIS


Emergency Management, GIS


Ph.D. Texas A&M University