Program Description

For the major in Interdisciplinary Studies, students develop an individual study plan tailored to their career and professional goals. Online IDS students select between 2-4 areas of emphasis from the approved list and then design their curriculum with advisor assistance. Areas of emphasis currently include: Business (subsets available in Accounting, Business Administration, Management, or Marketing), Criminal Justice, Economics, English Literature, ESL, History, Industrial Engineering and Technology, Information Systems Mass Media, Mathematics and Psychology. Additional areas of emphasis may be available depending on prior credits

Unique Features

This degree allows you to individually structure your degree program to fit your interests and goals, without requiring you to choose a major in a specific field. You can build a degree with your own area of focus.

Admissions Requirements

Have less than 75 credit hours, create and submit an individual study plan for approval by the Dean of University Studies

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Internships & Career Opportunities

  • specific businesses
  • specialized industry
  • private organizations
  • public organizations


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