Mission Statement

With a strong commitment to development and individual responsibility, the Office of Career Services is dedicated to assisting students and alumni in cultivating the life-long skills needed to successfully navigate their educational and career journeys.

What We Do

Career Services assists students & alumni with major and career exploration, internship strategizing, career planning, and graduate school preparation. Throughout the academic year, we offer a variety of career workshops and events as well as career fairs designed to connect students with prospective employers. In addition, the office maintains a range of online career resources including REDHAWKjobs.com, Southeast's online job search service. We believe that career development is a process, and advise students to begin early and take ownership of their career decisions.

What We Don't Do

The role of Career Services is not to act as an employment or placement agency. We provide students with the tools, resources and opportunities to identify part and full-time jobs, internships, and appropriate graduate schools. Ultimately, students are responsible for their placement or outcome.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

At the Office of Career Services, we occasionally receive requests from parents or family members concerning their student's participation in our services, visits to our office, or content of career counseling sessions. With being an office at a postsecondary institution, we follow strict guidelines concerning the release of student information, as outlined in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Click the button below for more information regarding FERPA, as outlined by the U.S. Department of Education.


Services are provided primarily in-person and are appointment based, with the exception of identified walk-in services. If an in-person appointment is not a feasible option, services may be provided through alternative means (Phone, Skype, Email).

Available Services

  • Career Counseling
  • Resume & Cover Letter Reviews
  • Interview Preparation
  • Internship Information & Guidance
  • Internship/Job Search Advising
  • Graduate/Professional School Preparation
  • Group Presentations & Programs

Location & Contact/Appointment Information

To schedule an appointment, students may stop by or contact the Office of Career Services:

Academic Hall 057
Phone: 573-651-2583
E-mail: careerservices@semo.edu
Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Monday - Friday)
*Spring Break/Summer Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Internships & Jobs

REDHAWKjobs.com is an on-line resource which connects current students/alumni with employers, from all over the United States and world, who are providing employment opportunities. After setting up their profile, students/alumni are able to search position postings, develop and save application materials, and much more!

While primarily utilized for full-time opportunities, REDHAWKjobs.com can be utilized to post part-time time positions as well. Students are encouraged to contact the Office of Career Services for assistance with setting up their profile and with any questions.

Our office encourages students to "begin with the end in mind" and students should be actively engaged with their career development starting their first year in college. In addition to homework for class, students should also be doing homework on themselves to define what they would like to do after college. Then, develop a plan which will aid them in maximizing their college experience and set them up for success post-graduation. Our office can assist your student with both of these items and more!

First, this is okay and there are more students who enter college without knowing their major then you may think. Second, in addition to working with their academic advisor, we would encourage your student to schedule an appointment to meet with one of our career counselors. Our counselors will assist your student in their career exploration process and provide insight and resources which will place your student in the best position possible to make an informed decision on their post-graduation path. If your student would like to begin the exploration process on their own, they can review our office's Career Decision Making Model by clicking "Choose a Major/Career" within the Student Resources section of our website.

An internship is an opportunity provided by an employer for an individual, usually an undergraduate student, to work for that employer for a fixed period of time. Internships may be paid and/or may incorporate course credit but not all of them will. The emphasis, and true benefit to the student, should be placed on skill development and the educational experience they receive. This is why internships are important because they have the potential to provide students with additional skill sets, work experience, and networking connections. When observing internship opportunities, students are encouraged to pursue internships which align closest to their major and career goals.

Some academic programs at SEMO require an internship but not all of them. Your student will first want to consult with their academic advisor to verify if their program does require an internship and if so, what resources are available to assist in finding an internship. All students, regardless of major, have the Office of Career Services as a resource. Your student can schedule an appointment to meet with a member of our staff, for search assistance and advising, and/or utilize REDHAWKjobs.com to review posted internship opportunities from employers.

For either direction, it is never too early for a student to begin setting their post-graduation goals and formulating/implementing a plan to reach them. For graduate/professional school, a student should begin to examine this option for themselves and be moving toward a decision by the end of their second year. This will place them in a position to start examining potential programs and getting their application materials ready during their third year. For more assistance, your student can schedule an appointment with a member of our staff and/or review our "Graduate School Preparation" resources by going to the Student Resources section of our website.

If a student is looking to acquire employment following graduation, they should start their search no later than two semesters prior to graduation. In the current job market, a lot of positions are acquired through strategic networking. With this, students should begin building and utilizing their network of contacts at the same time they begin reviewing on-line job boards and potential employer websites. For additional assistance with their job search, your student can schedule an appointment with a member of our staff and/or utilize our office's on-line resources (REDHAWKjobs.com & Student Resources).

Career Counseling, Job Searching and Resume Review services are offered online through the Office of Career Services. However your son/daughter’s local branch of the Missouri Job Center is a great place to seek-out assistance without traveling to Cape Girardeau.

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