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Southeast Missouri State University

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    Charles Hutson Horticulture Greenhouse

    Charles Hutson Horticulture Greenhouse
    The 11,660-square-foot greenhouse was built on a six-acre plot located at the intersection of Bertling and Old Sprigg streets. The new greenhouse is double the size of the former one off New Madrid west of the Student Recreation Center.
  • David M. Barton Agriculture Research Center - Animal Research Station

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    David M. Barton Agriculture Research Center - Animal Science

    David M. Barton Agriculture Research Center
    The David M. Barton Agriculture Research Center at Southeast Missouri State University is a teaching asset designed for undergraduate research and education. Undergraduate students participate in all aspects of the beef herd management as well as row crop agriculture. There are also alternative agriculture such as melons and squash production and research in biofuels.
  • Plant and Soil Science

    David M. Barton Agriculture Research Center - Crop Science

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    Missouri Rice Research Farm

    The Missouri Rice Research Farm has 110 acres of fine textured soil eminently suitable for rice production. The farm is partitioned in paddocks that may be further partitioned for individual experiments requiring different watering regimes. The farm has a computer monitored weather station providing continuous measurements of solar radiation, atmospheric and soil temperatures, relative humidity, wind speed and direction, and rainfall. Centrally placed wells provide water to the individual paddocks.
  • Fruits and Vegtables from the Alternative Garden

    Charles Nemanick Alternative Agriculture Garden

    The Southeast Missouri State University Charles Nemanick Alternative Agriculture gives Southeast students hands on experiences with both fruit and vegetable production as well as turf plots landscaping and composting.