Bachelor of Science in Education - Agricultural Education

The Agricultural Education program is designed to prepare individuals to teach comprehensive, action-based agriculture education programs in the ninth through twelfth grades. The students will develop technical knowledge and skills within the field of agriculture in combination with teaching competencies that will enable the future educator to achieve teaching excellence within the agricultural classroom and laboratory. Individuals who meet the requirements for this degree program will be capable of receiving certification to teach agricultural education in the state of Missouri. High school agricultural education is based upon three separate yet integrated areas of education including the classroom learning environment, Supervised Agricultural Education (SAE), and FFA. SAE is the real-world application of knowledge gained from the classroom and FFA is the leadership and competitive portion of agricultural education.

Bachelor of Science - Agribusiness

The four degree options leading to the BS in Agribusiness combine study in agricultural economics, management, marketing, sales, finance and policy with specialized study in one or more agricultural areas. All four options can lead to careers in management, marketing, sales, finance, policy, production, or other areas within the agricultural, horticultural and food system.  These options can also provide a solid basis for graduate study, leading to a Master's in Business Administration (MBA), Master's in Science (MS), or a doctoral degree. Students transferring to Southeast with an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in agricultural or horticultural fields and seeking a BS in Agribusiness are advised to enroll in the Agriculture Industry option.

Pre-Veterinary Medicine

The Pre-veterinary Medicine curriculum prepares students for entrance into a veterinary medicine school.

Pre-Professional Programs

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  • Agriculture
  • Companion Animal
  • Horticulture
  • Soils


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