WP003: 75-Hour Writing Exam

WP003: 75-Hour Writing Exam

WP003: 75-Hour Writing Exam is a two-part essay examination that fulfills the University's writing proficiency graduation requirement. The exam takes approximately two hours. The first part of the examination is a 50-minute expository essay on a general knowledge topic. The second part of the examination is a 70-minute argumentative essay on a topic related to the part one topic.

Enrolling in WP003

Students should enroll in WP003 after they have completed first-year composition courses and have 75 credit hour toward graduation. WP003 carries no credit hours and hence does not incur any fees.* Students are strongly urged not to delay taking WP003, as it is a graduation requirement.

Students enroll in an exam section in the same way they enroll in classes. Specific dates and times are assigned to each CRN number and are posted on the section schedule. As the exam date approaches, students will receive emails with further information.

Most WP003 sections are taken online in Moodle, but there are handwritten sections available in the fall and spring semesters. In order to enroll in a handwritten section, students should contact the Center for Writing Excellence at jlweiss@semo.edu or (573) 651-2460.

*Students who miss the drop date or fail to take the exam will be assessed a $10 fee.

How to Prepare

Students are welcome to set up an appointment to discuss the WP003 exam prior to testing dates.

Students with Disabilities

Students with documented learning disabilities who require special testing accommodations should contact Testing Services as early in the semester as possible even if they are enrolled in an online section. Students with documented learning disabilities may take their exam in Testing Services.

If You Fail

Each part of the exam is scored on a 6-point scale; the score of each part is combined for a maximum total score of 12. Students must receive an overall score of 7 or greater in order to pass the WP003 exam. Students who do not receive the minimum passing score should make an appointment to meet with a writing associate from the Center for Writing Excellence, who will review the exam responses and explain your options.

It is strongly recommended that students acquaint themselves with the exam expectations, procedure, and scoring process by studying the information on this website or visiting the Center for Writing Excellence in Memorial Hall 103.

Holistic Scoring Information



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Center for Writing Excellence
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