WP002: Writing Expression Exit Exam

WP002: Writing Expression EN140 Exit Exam

WP002 is a two-part essay examination offered every semester approximately two weeks prior to finals week. The exam is available on the students’ EN140 class Moodle page, and should be completed online. Students with documented learning disabilities who require special testing accommodations should contact Testing Services as early in the semester as possible.

The purpose of WP002 is three-fold:

  1. WP002 is the required exit examination for EN140, EN190, and PL115 and counts as 5-15% of the student's course grade. If a student does not take WP002, that student will receive a grade of "Incomplete" for EN140; the student may remove the Incomplete grade by taking WP002 at the end of the following semester. If the student does not remove the Incomplete grade the following semester, the Incomplete will be changed to a grade of "F," pursuant to University policy.
  2. WP002 is a formative assessment for the University's writing proficiency graduation requirement. Students will receive feedback from the Center for Writing Excellence regarding their development as writers as they exit the University's composition sequence and advice on steps to take to successfully fulfill the writing proficiency requirement.
  3. WP002 is an important institutional assessment tool that contributes to the evaluation of the courses in the composition sequence, the General Education program, and the Writing in the Disciplines Program.

WP002 takes approximately two hours. The first part of the examination is a 50-minute expository essay on a general knowledge topic. The second part of the examination is a 70-minute argumentative essay on a topic related to the part one topic. In part two, the student is provided with source material and asked to incorporate those sources into the essay. Sample topics and responses are available. If a student misses the final exam, it is his or her responsibility to contact the instructor immediately to arrange a make-up exam time.

The WP002 exams will be graded by the instructor within a few days after students take the exam. The exams will also be scored by trained faculty from across the campus in the month after the semester ends. Each part of the exam is scored holistically on a scale of 0-6; thus, the examination score ranges from 0-12. After the Center for Writing Excellence is finished scoring the exams, an email will be sent with the score and an explanation of what the score means.


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