Preview and Tips

A few random tips:

  • When an assignment is created through Moodle, it cannot be edited through—only through the Moodle-created version.
  • The post date must be entered for students to view instructor comments.
  • Turnitin uses European date format; you may want to warn your students of this, especially if it is a date such as May 2, 2014. It will appear as 2/5/14, which our non-European students will interpret as February 5, 2014.
  • Consider using Turnitin as a learning tool. If you select the default option of “Generate reports immediately, reports can be overwritten until due date,” the student will be able to see his/her mistakes in both use of sources and grammar (if ETS grammar rater is selected when creating the assignment), therefore enabling them to correct these mistakes. They will be able to make revisions to the paper until the due date arrives.
  • If you find yourself pointing out the same errors to multiple papers, you can create custom comment tiles using GradeMark. After saving the comment, all you need to do is click and drag the tile to the paper.
  • When creating or editing through the Moodle/Turnitin integration, you will want to use Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari—basically anything but Internet Explorer, as all editing options do not appear.
  • Turnitin now accepts PowerPoint presentations.
  • Instructor Manual for Turnitin/Moodle
  • Student Manual for Turnitin/Moodle


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