Turn it In

Welcome to V2!

Turnitin has been integrated into Moodle using the Moodle Direct V2 plug-in, a plug-in that provides a more Moodle-like experience for delivering Turnitin Originality Checking, GradeMark and PeerMark services.

  • Supports Turnitin Originality Checking, GradeMark and PeerMark
  • Allows access to the Rubric Manager and Quickmark Manager from within the Moodle environment
  • Supports multi-part assignments allowing draft and revision submissions
  • Allows instructors to submit work on behalf of students
  • Supports Moodle Grade Scales and updates the Moodle gradebook with grades entered in GradeMark
  • Supports Moodle Groups
  • Allows multiple instructors to access a class and assignments in Turnitin’s web interface
  • Supports Moodle’s built-in plagiarism detection thereby allowing access to Turnitin functionality from within Moodle assignments
  • Incorporates a Class Migration feature allowing access to classes and assignments that are in Turnitin but not in the Moodle environment

Turnitin hopes to fully retire the Moodle Basic plugin no earlier than Q4 2015.

For more information on how to use Turnitin in your class, please contact Jennifer Weiss at (573) 651-2460 or jlweiss@semo.edu.

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Work-Around for Syncing Grades


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