Center for Writing Excellence

Student writing

The Center for Writing Excellence provides writing support to the faculty, staff, and students of Southeast, as well as writers from beyond the campus. The Center has three main areas of activity.

Writing Proficiency Exams

The center oversees the administration and scoring of placement exams and outcomes assessment exams in college writing.

Writing Lab

An online and face-to-face resource to assist students at all levels to develop as writers.

Writing in the Disciplines

Support for faculty as writing instructors in their areas of expertise.

Helix: A Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Helix is a publication of undergraduate and graduate research from across all disciplines at Southeast.

Quick Reference Guide

Tutorials for common writing problems, how-to formatting guides, and guides to both APA and MLA citation styles.

CWE Newsletter

Writing Wednesdays

    True Horror By Austin Neumeyer

    It was a dark and stormy Halloween night in Cape Girardeau. As the trick or treaters turned in and the adults hid in their homes, the city streets grew empty. A pale of silence enclosed the town, leaving only whispering wind and intermittent thunder, and parents everywhere were left with disappointed children dressed as monsters. […]

    Pace Cadet by Maggie Fruehwirth

    When running a marathon, runners start with a burst of speed but soon find a steady pace before slowing down again. It’s only towards the end when they amp the speed back up and go for a win. Their pacing determines whether they’ll finish the race, much less place well. Similarly, when writing, especially something […]

    Writing with Charity by Joshua Sander

    “One can catch more flies with a spoonful of honey than with a hundred barrels of vinegar.” –St. Francis de Sales With the advent of social media and the subsequent transition of much of our public discourse from in-person conversations or written essays to these digital and real-time platforms, the tendency to engage in rancorous […]

    Punish Yourself? by David Schauer

    Puns are a serious thing. Being creative and figurative with language is nothing new and because it has quite literally been around for hundreds of years, we should take the technique seriously. Puns aren’t just thrown into writing for a fun effect, although they do have that benefit. But rather, they add complexity and depth […]


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