Core Competencies

For Early Care and Education Professionals. Core content areas include:

Child Growth and Development

Understand how children acquire language and creative expression and develop physically, cognitively, and socially.

  • Child Growth and Development 

Learning Environment and Curriculum

Establish an environment that provides learning experiences that meet each child's needs, capabilities, and interests.

  • Creating the Learning Environment and General Curriculum
  • Promoting Physical Development
  • Promoting Cognitive Development
  • Promoting Language/Communication Development
  • Promoting Social Development
  • Promoting Creative Expression

Child Observation and Assessment

Observe and assess what children know and can do in order to provide curriculum that meets their developmental and learning needs.

  • Observation and Assessment

Families and Communities

Work collaboratively with families and agencies/organizations to meet children's needs and to encourage the community's involvement with early care and education.

  • Relationships with Families
  • Use of Community Resources 

Health, Safety, and Nutrition

Establish and maintain an environment that ensures children's healthy development, safety, and nourishment.

  • Knowledge of Regulations
  • Environmental Safety
  • Responding to Health Needs of Children
  • Nutrition 

Interactions with Children

Establish supportive relationships with children and guide them as individuals and as a part of a group.

  • Providing Individual Guidance
  • Enhancing Group Experiences

Program Planning and Development

Establish, implement, and evaluate an early care and education program.

  • Program Planning and Evaluation
  • Personnel Management
  • Financial Management

Professional Development and Leadership

Serve children and families in a professional manner and participate in the community as a representative of early childhood care and education.

  • Displaying Professionalism in Practice
  • Ongoing Professional Growth
  • Leadership and Advocacy



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