Special Projects & Redesign

Thoughts for getting started on a new website or redesign

  • Think about who the target audiences are for the website.  Who is directed there, or who would go there looking for what information?
  • If an old website exists, we need to look through it and make an outline of all the pages that exist currently.
    • Once we have an outline, we need to eliminate outdated content that are no longer needed or relevant to the new website
    • The content that is still relevant needs to be extracted (copy/paste) into word documents for later use*
  • Once we have some solid concepts on our target audience and the information they are looking for, we have to rebuild the website interface and menu and come up with an outline.
    • What are the most important informational elements that people use?  We want to build our homepage around that information.
    • How can we structure our outline to be “tree-like” in organization without making it too big or cluttered?
    • The relevant content that is coming from the old site has to be organized and rearranged under the new website structure.
  • The last step is to actually fill out our website with the content we've gathered plus any content that needs to be developed
    • This is usually prepared by the department after meeting with us and getting this far in the process.
    • We like to ask for a flash drive with the new website structured and organized in folder form (more or less an outline populated with content) *with pages as word documents within those folders.
    • We go through and create all of it based on this flash drive outline and work through lots of details going back and forth in communication with you when questions arise.

If you would like to create a new website or redesign an existing website, please fill out our request form.

Web Project Request
Project requests have been halted until Fall 2017 semester

You can also email us at web@semo.edu or call (573) 651-2329.

Recent Projects and Style Guide

If you have any idea or special request feel free to ask us and we can provide as much information as we can. Below you can find some of our recent projects as well as a link to our website style guide.

The style guide provides a basis for the different components and styles we use to build our websites.

Website Style Guide


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