You’ve received an email from Web Design & Support saying that your website is finished! It is almost time to unleash its glory to the world…but not quite yet. There are still a few things left to take care of.

While building your site, Web Design & Support will do our best to make sure we get everything right. But that doesn’t mean that everything will be perfect after we have made the initial build. As we review the content we might make some adjustments from your original outline to organize information a little differently or place links in an order different from what you had envisioned. Or, you might have realized after you submitted the content that there was another whole section that should have been included. Or maybe you noticed a misspelled word or a broken link in your provided copy.

Anticipating such discrepancies necessitates a review of the new website by you and your department. We will send you the site’s new address, which is still not considered “public” as it has not been announced to anyone yet.

If you see minor updates including simple changes to the text or updates to links, just make a note of them along with the URL (page address). After your Southeast Web Editor (Open Text) Training, you will have the necessary information to allow you to make those noted changes yourself. If however there are entire pages or sections need to be added, moved or deleted from the site, please let notify us and we will work with you to polish your new Web site to a glossy shine before your Southeast Web Editor (Open Text) Training.


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