So you have submitted your content to Web Design & Support. Now what do you do? The short answer is: nothing! Not for a bit, anyway.

Once we receive your content, we will send you a message letting you know that we have received it and have put it in our queue to be built. As Web Design & Support handles the construction and working-order of all sites in Open Text Content Management System, we usually have a pretty full plate and won’t be able to tackle new projects right away. But barring extraordinary circumstances we will build sites in the order in which we receive them.

The time it takes to complete a site is highly dependent on a wide variety of factors and circumstances. Factors related to the site itself include the size of the site (volume of pages) and how complex it is (do you need email forms or other special components?). The external circumstances include the length of our project list, working order of software and equipment, intensity of daily maintenance & support requests, and any emergency/special projects that might have priority during a given week.

An average turn around time for a departmental site pages can be 4-6 weeks depending on the factors mentioned above. Department sites that are extraordinarily large or complex (50+ pages) will require extra time.

Web Design & Support may be in contact with you during the construction process to clarify issues that arise as we work on the site. If not, we will contact you once the initial construction of the site is complete, and you will be ready for the next step.


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