The new design of is based off of the Bootstrap 3 framework. This allows the use of many useful components that come built-in with the framework. These components can be very beneficial when it comes to structuring content in an understandable and organized way. It is important to note that these components are also responsive, meaning that they will re-shape and re-order themselves to fit the size of phones, tablets, and computer monitors. Here are a few examples of some of the components that departments are currently using:


Buttons can be used to provide more tactile feedback for users wanting to begin or complete a task. They are prominently featured on the top of our Admissions homepage, allowing visitors to find the most commonly-accessed information right away.

Here is an example button

Side Banners

The clickable banners to the left provide a way for visitors to find important information quickly amongst any page, much like the navigation links above it that we use so often. The banners are more media-rich and visible, which make them the perfect component to use for links to upcoming events! They can be utilized in other ways as well, directing visitors through your pages with their eye-catching appeal. Informative text can be formatted over the banner, giving the visitor an idea of where the link will take them.

3 - Column Widget

Also featured on the Admissions front page, the 3 - column widget allows users to find links relating to three different categories. This is a great option to have if you want an attractive way for visitors to quickly filter out options of what they are looking for and jump right to it from the front page.

Art class

Column One

Students using computers

Column Two

A paragraph of text can be added instead of links to help convey information about this category.

Students talking

Column Three

Table Row
A small table can be included underneath this category


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