Veterans' FAQ

Veterans' FAQ

What are the differences between the GI Bills?

Information about the different VA Education Benefits and what they provide can be found here: Additional questions can be answered by the OMVS Staff at 573-651-2263 or

How can I get a replacement Certificate of Eligibility (COE) from the VA?

If you have lost or otherwise need a replacement Certificate of Eligibility (COE), you should contact the VA by clicking on the "Ask A Question" tab on the top of this page. You can then submit a secure email, via the website, where you can ask for a replacement. The email should include your name, date of birth, address, and SSN. You will then receive a replacement via postal mail.

I was told that because I am a Veteran I might be eligible for certain grants?

Yes, veterans with demonstrated financial need may be eligible for the Federal Pell Grant. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at to determine your eligibility. 

I would like to work while I am going to school. Where can I find information about working on or off campus?

Information about both on campus and off campus employment opportunities for students can be found on the Career Services website.

Do I have to live on campus?

If you are a Veteran you do not have to live on campus. Check out Residence Life for living suggestions.

How do I find a place to live ASAP!?

Check out Residence Life for both on campus and off campus housing.

I am under 21 but I am married. Do my spouse and I have to live on campus?

No, married couples do not have to live on campus. However, you must fill out the Student Residency Release Application and return it to the Office of Residence Life.

Where do I get a Student ID?

You can get a new or replacement ID on the third floor of the University Center.

Do I have to use my Southeast email account?

Yes! The university faculty and staff will communicate with you through your Southeast email account. Upon admission to the university, you should activate your Southeast Key and begin checking your email daily. Financial aid notices, billing information, academic advising information, and other important university updates are sent to your Southeast email.

Is there a place to work out near campus?

Yes, the Student Rec Center is a great facility and is free for Southeast Missouri State University students. There are also other facilities around Cape Girardeau that charge membership fees.

I received notification that I will be mobilized for active military duty. Can I continue my enrollment or do I need to drop my classes?

If you have received notification that you may or are going to be activated or mobilized, please contact the Office of Military and Veterans Services (OMVS) immediately to discuss your situation and potential options. You may reach them at 573-651-2263 or You will need to provide a copy of your official orders to the university, so please make sure that when you receive them, you submit them to the OMVS.

The Office of the Registrar counsels students one-on-one who are mobilized for active military duty. Depending upon the length of your deployment, you may be able to continue your enrollment or you may need to withdraw from classes. Provide the Office of the Registrar with official paperwork of your deployment. For assistance, call (573) 651-2250 or email


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Military and Veterans Services
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