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Testimonial from Michelle Crosnoe

Testimonial from Michelle Crosnoe

Leaving your child in another’s care, no matter how capable his/her hands, is one of the biggest challenges any parent faces. But what I have learned in the last couple of years is that when those “others” are the staff at University School for Young Children, I can breathe easier knowing my child is receiving the best possible care. In fact, the level of care my child receives at USYC transcends just “babysitting,” just getting his physical needs met. The staff have shown over and over that they are invested not only in my child’s physical safety and maturity, but in his academic and emotional growth as well. Every single need is met. And the best part is they not only want my input and involvement, they actually take it to heart, listen, and use it provide my son a better educational experience. In this way, they are more than just caregivers for my child; they are my support team, his biggest fans, and professionals dedicated to giving their best so that he gets the very best. I see dedication in my child’s teachers’ words and actions, in their genuine affection and devotion to my child every single minute he is in their care. I truly could not ask for a more considerate, loving, educational environment for my child. In addition, since my child has been attending USYC, he has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The level of enthusiasm and commitment with which every staff member embraced this diagnoses frankly left me breathless. They view his diagnosis as an opportunity rather than a challenge. To them it’s a chance to learn how to provide even better care to him and any child with special needs who enters their doors. While it will probably always be hard for me to let others take care of my son, at least I know that when I leave him with the staff at University School for Young Children, even if it’s not my hands he’s in, I can trust theirs as if they were my own. 

-Michelle Crosnoe


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