University Studies Program

Welcome to the University Studies Program at Southeast!

At Southeast, we are very proud of our University Studies Program. Our University Studies Program provides a general education learning experience for all undergraduate students. Our University Studies Program offers a range of courses across these areas.

  • Social/Behavioral Sciences (students take 3-4 courses)
  • Communication (students take 3-4 courses)
  • Natural and Mathematical Sciences (students take 3-4 courses)
  • Humanities and Fine Arts (students take 3-4 courses)
  • Freshman Seminar “Connecting with Southeast” course—UI100 (required for most students)

Meeting the University Studies Requirements

To complete the requirements for our University Studies Program, students must earn at least 42 credits in the appropriate categories. At Southeast, we provide extensive advising support and other resources to help students take the right numbers of courses in the right categories. It is our goal to ensure students explore topics that interest them without taking more credits than are required for University Studies.

Compliance with CORE 42 Requirements for Transfer Students

The University Studies Program at Southeast provides abundant courses for transfer students that align with the CORE 42 curriculum for the state of Missouri. These courses are guaranteed to transfer to any two-year or four-year public institution for higher education in Missouri. These courses are noted on the program worksheet with this logo.
core 42 logo

Students, download the University Studies Program Worksheet here.

*If you are a new or transfer student, please talk to your advisor about the University Studies program requirements.


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University Studies Program
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