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University Logo

Two Color

University Logo


University Logo


University Logo


Use and Restrictions

  1. Copy files to a folder on your hard drive
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Changing the Size of an Image in Microsoft Word

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Small Use Logo

This special version of our logo has been created for applications where the reproduction process could cause details of our logo to be lost.

Restricted Use Logos

The Presidential Seal

This seal is intended for use for official University documents. It may not be used in any manner or context without the written permission of the Office of the President.

University Foundation Logo

The Southeast Missouri University Foundation has its own official Logo. Under no circumstances should the Southeast Missouri University Foundation Logo or any of its parts be used without the express permission of the Vice President of University Advancement/Executive Director of the Foundation.

Student Government Association

Student Government Association, with the guidance of University personnel, has developed a similar set of policies and procedures for Student Government and those organizations it registers.


Wehking Alumni Center, 4th Floor

University Marketing
One University Plaza, MS7300
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701