The way our words look depends on the typeface. How our message reads hinges on hierarchy. Paying careful attention to both will help our communications read loud and clear. Our brand fonts are purchased fonts. Obviously not every office on campus has resources to purchase the font package, so we’ve also outlined alternatives below.

Calibre Black
Calibre Black is used primarily for headlines, but can also be used for subheads and call-outs.
Size: 38 pt / Leading: 33 pt
calibre black visual example

Alternate Font: When Calibre is not available, Arial and Arial Black are suitable replacements.

Lyon Display
Lyon Display is used in combination with Calibre Black for headlines. Used primarily for body copy and headlines in advancement pieces.
Size: 20 pt / Leading: 23 pt
Lyon Display

Altnerate Font: When Lyon Display is not available, Times New Roman is a suitable replacement.

Stardos Stencil
Stardos Stencil Bold should be used sparingly, and for large headlines and subheads. Used to accent a word or phrase in a sentence or an entire paragraph. It has a populist feel that conveys a sense of imperfection.
Size: 15 pt / Leading: 16 pt
Stardos Stencil

Calibre Light and Lyon Display Light
Calibre Light and Lyon Display Light are both acceptable for large bodies of text; however, do not combine the two. Calibre Light may also be used for subheads.
Size: 10 pt / Leading: 12 pt

Alternate Font: When Calibre Light and Lyon Display Light are not available, Arial and Times New Roman, respectively, are suitable replacements.


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