About the Brand

What does the Will to Do mean?

It’s about our focus on doing at Southeast. This is a different kind of university. Here, we don’t just learn. We do. How? By giving our students unprecedented opportunity to apply all the knowledge and expertise they learn in class in real-world ways through experiential learning opportunities right here on campus or in internships and clinicals across the world. It’s also about our will to do: the grit and tenacity we apply to every endeavor to ensure our students are confident, capable, and competitive when they graduate.

How to use the brand

The Will to Do is not a tagline, and it’s not something you’ll apply in the majority of headlines. Instead, use the idea it represents as a starting point for crafting communications and to gut-check the energy and tone of voice.

Why does the brand matter?

Think about your best friend. What are the words you use to describe them? If someone talked about that person in a way that wasn’t consistent with your experience, there’d be a disconnect right? Southeast communicates with hundreds of thousands of people every year--students, alumni, donors, prospective students, families, and more. By using the tone, visual elements, and strategy contained in our brand guidelines, we all make the brand stronger, more cohesive, and powerful, which in turn means we’re communicating successfully with each of those audiences.


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