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Campus Violence Prevention Text Line

(573) 427-2877 (CVPP)

The Campus Violence Prevention Program’s text helpline is for SOUTHEAST STUDENTS ONLY. If you are not a student, and are currently looking for services related to dating violence, stalking, or sexual assault, please utilize the following FREE community services:

Southeast Missouri Network Against Sexual Violence (SEMO NASV) (sexual assault services): 
PH: (573) 332-1900
After Hours Crisis Line: (877) 820-6278

Safe House for Women (domestic/dating violence):
PH: (573)335-7745
24 Hour Crisis Line: (800) 341-1830

The Campus Violence Prevention Program offer services through a text-only phone number. This number does not accept voice phone calls and responds only to SMS text messaging. Incoming phone numbers ARE visible to the staff-responders and will be utilized in the case of an emergency.

All transcripts of texts are purged regularly. Any information that is temporarily maintained is core to our evaluation of services provided to persons contacting the Campus Violence Prevention Program text line. All text line responders are employees of Center for Behavioral Health and Accessibility and are legally bound to confidentiality.

All staff-responders outside of Center for Behavioral Health and Accessibility are considered mandatory reporters. Student will be made aware that in situations regarding the welfare of a minor or an elder person, as well as harm to self or others will be reported to the appropriate authorities using locating information.

A student’s information, including any personally identifiable information, will only be shared with persons implicitly linked to Campus Violence Prevention Program operations. This may include the Office of Student Conduct, or Department of Public Safety.

We do not sell, trade, or rent personal information that students provide. Nor will your phone number be used to send newsletters, alerts, or other information.

The University is legally required to submit, to the federal government, any information about crimes that occur on or near their campuses, or that involve their students. The information submitted will not include any personally identifying information, only information about the crime itself.

Students who engage in this service will be charged standard text messaging rates relative to their provider's plans. Users should be aware and mindful that text messages sent using modern smart phones are saved indefinitely and could compromise their safety. Users concerned for their physical safety and well-being are encouraged to contact Southeast DPS at (573) 651-2911, or Cape Girardeau Police at 911.


Donna St. Sauver, Coordinator
Text: 573.427.2877
Crisp Hall 201-202

Center for Behavioral Health and Accessibility
One University Plaza, MS 2030
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701